Each week I am going to be posting an inspirational story from someone who has battled, and overcome adversity. You were all so moved by my story, so imagine what a VILLAGE of us sharing our truths can do!

Drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, hoarding, self-harm, co-dependency, abuse, violence, whatever it is you have survived, I want to hear about it and share with others who feel hopeless in similar situation.

To have your story considered, see submission guidelines below:

1) Tell me your story of overcoming adversity. I want to know: a) What was life like in during that time, what were the feelings and emotions associated with your situation. b) What event made you decide to change the situation for the better/ Why did you decide to change? c) How did you do it? Tell me about that experience. And d) what is your life like now? What amazing things have happened since?

2) Please keep it to around 2,000 words. I will be editing for grammar and punctuation, but please try your best to make the submission as neat as possible because I am not great at either of those myself.

3) Keep in mind the story will be online for anyone and everyone to read. If you do not feel comfortable putting your face and story out there, then please do not submit a story.

4) Attach a before picture (during the time of struggle), and a present day photo. (No children.)

5) Please use fake names if you are referring to others.

6) If your story is chosen it will be published on the Juggling The Jenkins website and shared on social media.

7) I have no idea when and if your story will be chosen to be published, so please refrain from emailing me asking once you’ve submitted.

Submit your stories via the submission form on the website.