Alexa’s Story

My story starts off like most that you hear of heroin addicts these days. I am a 27-year-old female raised in an upper-class white family who, on the outside, seemed to have everything that everyone wanted. The big house, a family with money, dropped off to school in a BMW. What I didn’t have was… Read More

Brittany’s Story

It’s been nearly twelve years since I began recovering. I didn’t think of my issue as an addiction until now. I didn’t realize how much I relied on cutting as a coping mechanism. I self-harmed and I’m recovering.  But not every day is an easy day. There are days where I long for the pain.… Read More

Miranda’s Story, Recovering Beautifully

Leaving a parent at a treatment center time after time at a young age was life changing. It is a feeling that could only be understood by another child who kept losing their mother over and over to addiction. I thought it would be my lesson on not abusing drugs, my “what not to do.”… Read More

Jordan’s Story, Recovering Beautifully.

It was September 11th, 2009. I slowly and painfully opened my eyes to see a screenshot of the Twin Towers collapsing on the news in a memorial tribute they were conducting. I wanted to feel empathy for the pain these people were experiencing, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t feel anything. Because in my own life,… Read More

Shelby’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

How postpartum depression and anxiety wrecked my world… First off, let me start this by saying I know Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety are two different things. However, in the case of my life… they came together. Both PPD and PPA sucked the joy out my children’s baby years like an evil little leech. They… Read More

Coco’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

It was a Saturday during the wee hours of a frigid November morning in 2015 that I had finally been found out. The wails coming from my hysterical sister’s mouth were horrific. We were on the back patio of her home, and I had just confessed to her my truth—that I was a drug addict.… Read More

“Dear Dad” – Anonymous Submission

*The following has been submitted to me, and the writer has asked to remain anonymous. Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.*   I keep telling myself it’s okay to be angry. How could I not be angry after all the anger that my body endured from a man who was… Read More

Nicole’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

5 years ago I was happily married, with a beautiful little girl, and the home I always wanted.I felt complete. I had no knowledge of the demons that were hiding inside of me. Over time I started to have struggles with the loss of a previous pregnancy, and I wasn’t quite sure how to cope.… Read More

Kirsta’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Self Harm & Sexual Abuse. (Triggers)     I grew up in a very chaotic and abusive family, my father and mother were born into chaotic families themselves and had very little skills in the way of parenting, loving, or emotional/self-regulation. They did the best they could, but it left me and my brother very… Read More

Emily’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

  Four years ago, I was a stay-home mom to two beautiful children. Despite being in an unfulfilling marriage and feeling like a desperate housewife, my children gave me purpose. Over time, the demands of motherhood and beginning a new career to get out of the home and find myself again, proved too much, too… Read More

“Last Tuesday” – By Aubrie M. (Recovering Beautifully)

Last Tuesday, my alarm didn’t have a chance to go off as it is on most days. My one year old daughter babbled softly in her crib; the monitor a beacon on my nightstand. I caffeinated and tip-toed around my sleeping husband and blew my hair dry and snuggled my baby and fed the dog.… Read More

Ambree’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

I recently celebrated six years clean and sober. How is it possible that the before photo was really me at one time.? I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I remember getting arrested that morning six years ago like it was yesterday. I was so lost and so broken. I was only a shell… Read More

Gary’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

  From as early as I can remember, I’ve never felt comfortable in my own skin. The outsides never matched the insides. I had it all growing up. Love from my parents, privileges, opportunities, and material items. Yet somehow, I was never happy and always wanted more. From a very young age I acted out,… Read More

Brittany’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

  My parents divorced when I was 11 and I felt like I was robbed of a life. We went from family vacations and getting tucked into bed every night, to scraping up loose change in order to eat. Growing up in the house with my mother who was once a safe, at-home housewife, and… Read More

Shannan’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

I had a wonderful childhood. Hard working father and a loving and attentive mother. I have one brother, two years my junior and we were very close growing up. Middle class family in a beautiful neighborhood. The picture perfect “normal” family. I met and fell in love with a fella when I was eighteen years… Read More

Emma’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

    The first time I snorted a Percocet, I knew I had found what I had been looking for; something to fill the void in my soul.   Something to curb the depression and numb the anxiety. I had tried Vicodin before, but this was different. My body was warm, my smile was almost… Read More

Dana’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

  June 5, 2011. Dear Diary: Crawling on the filthy floor, dodging needles, old cigarette butts, and moldy fast food wrappers, I was on my hands and knees today looking for a tooth. An expensive tooth. Well, more accurately, an expensive dental crown that fell out of my son’s mouth a couple of days ago.… Read More

Renea’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Food addiction is a hard thing to explain. Even though you can’t go to jail for it – it can leave you feeling like you have no control. Helpless. Worthless. And in the end, it can kill you. People giggle when I tell them I am a recovering food/sugar addict. They respond with “yeah, I… Read More

Kristin’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

*Triggers – Drug Use.*   I was so good at hiding who I truly was. To the outside world I was a tall blonde, with long legs, who worked full time as a paralegal for one of the top Criminal Defense Attorneys in my area. In the evenings I went to law school to further… Read More

Jennifer’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Trigger – Domestic & Sexual Abuse, Drug References.   So what went wrong?? After high school, I met….him. He was the “bad boy”. He was handsome, charming, said all the right things, and for some reason, he showed interest in me. The first time he hit me was because I made a joke at his… Read More

Ashley’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

When I was one year old, my dad was a high rise window cleaner and my Mom, a school bus driver. We owned our home, paid our mortgage, visited with family and lived a fairly normal life. Until my dad did not strap himself in, and fell off of a high rise building. Fortunately he… Read More

Alechia’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Hi My Name is Alechia, and I am a Thankful Grateful and Blessed Recoving (Meth) Addict. My Clean Date is July 27 2008. Life wasn’t always the Hell I created it to be, I wasn’t always a prisoner stuck in my own mind. At one point I was a normal, regular girl who started going… Read More

Tracy’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Jesus is a buzz killer…this is my story of recovery. My name is Tracy,  I am 47 years old and I am a recovering alcoholic. I remember my first taste of beer. When I was a little girl my Dad would let me “pour” his beer for him. I would get a special amber colored… Read More

Lisa’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

***Triggers – Self Harm*** My story isn’t your typical addiction story.   My story begins when I was thirteen years old, and I accidently got a scratch on my arm. At that moment, I remember feeling a sense of pain… But in a strange way, it also felt good. I couldn’t tell you the first… Read More

Kate’s Story – Recovering Beautifully

***Triggers – Graphic drug language and unwanted sexual situations***       I would say I had it pretty good growing up since I was never abused or molested, but growing up with an alcoholic/addict stepfather made for a pretty tumultuous home life at times. Because of the fact my stepdad used heroin and it… Read More

Sarah’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

**Trigger – Miscarriage** I was nineteen when I had my first miscarriage… I started having a severe pain on my left ovary, and I went to doctor after doctor for years trying to find the cause of it—with no success.  I was referred to pain management, and it felt as if I had been given up on. My choices were pain meds…or… Read More

Jessica’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

“You know I hate when you just stand there and stare at me,” my husband said from the couch, barely looking up from his video game. “Yeah, but I married you, which means that I get to stare at you whenever I want,”  I replied as a mildly defeated, sort of smug smile formed on his face.… Read More

Annie’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

My name is Annie and I am a addict. I come from a family of addicts. My mother, father and siblings battled this miserable disease long before I did. So let’s just say the odds have been stacked against me since I escaped the womb. My parents were also extremely abusive to one another. I can… Read More

Nikole’s Story – Recovering Beautifully

**Warning – Triggers** Growing up I had a tough life. My father was a police officer, and my mom was a prescription drug addict. My father’s new wife not only kept me from my mother, but she also abused me. By the time I was almost twelve, I had run away from home five times. The… Read More

Tiffany R’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

My name is Tiffany, and I’ll be 26 next month by God’s grace. Many years ago I found out through a prescription I had been given, that I liked pain pills. I didn’t think I would end up as I did throughout the years. I partied and was doing things at 13, that most people… Read More

Sylvia Rose’ Story – Recovering Beautifully

Hiyah, I am Sylvia Rose LeBeau. I grew up as a PK (Preacher’s kid) in the south. My future was already planned for me, I would be the wife of a missionary, and travel the world spreading the gospel. Whoops! I began experimenting with alcohol at the age of 12, it was Smirnoff (yeck). At… Read More

Andi’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

*Trigger Warning* (Names of drugs.) Hi! I’m Andi, and I’m an addict. My clean date is March 23rd, 2016, so I just celebrated 20 months of freedom from heroin (and crack and meth when I was trying to stop the heroin). The following is my journey thus far… The first time I acknowledged that I… Read More