Jordan’s Story, Recovering Beautifully.

It was September 11th, 2009. I slowly and painfully opened my eyes to see a screenshot of the Twin Towers collapsing on the news in a memorial tribute they were conducting. I wanted to feel empathy for the pain these people were experiencing, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t feel anything. Because in my own life,… Read More

Kirsta’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Self Harm & Sexual Abuse. (Triggers)     I grew up in a very chaotic and abusive family, my father and mother were born into chaotic families themselves and had very little skills in the way of parenting, loving, or emotional/self-regulation. They did the best they could, but it left me and my brother very… Read More

Lisa’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

***Triggers – Self Harm*** My story isn’t your typical addiction story.   My story begins when I was thirteen years old, and I accidently got a scratch on my arm. At that moment, I remember feeling a sense of pain… But in a strange way, it also felt good. I couldn’t tell you the first… Read More