“The Toolbox”

I wish I could take credit for “The Toolbox”, but it’s actually something I was introduced to when I first got clean. A woman named Sharon would talk about it every  morning, at the 7:30 Wake-up meeting.  It was actually her answer for everything: Bad day? “The Toolbox”. Boyfriend cheating? “The Toolbox”. Company Christmas party?… Read More

Mission Week – Day Five

My beautiful (and handsome) friends… I spent HOURS yesterday watching all of your videos and I’m still not done. Mannn, I’ll tell you what, I haven’t been so proud of a group of people since my competition cheerleading squad got second place at nationals in high school. I mean, there are no words, really, to… Read More

Mission Week – Day Four

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys and gals… I am so freakin’ stoked for todays mission. The thing is – at first, you probably will not be as stoked, lol. I am though, I’m absolutely giddy, and I’ll tell you why. Today’s mission involves something that terrifies more people than not, but… Read More

Emma’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

    The first time I snorted a Percocet, I knew I had found what I had been looking for; something to fill the void in my soul.   Something to curb the depression and numb the anxiety. I had tried Vicodin before, but this was different. My body was warm, my smile was almost… Read More

Dana’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

  June 5, 2011. Dear Diary: Crawling on the filthy floor, dodging needles, old cigarette butts, and moldy fast food wrappers, I was on my hands and knees today looking for a tooth. An expensive tooth. Well, more accurately, an expensive dental crown that fell out of my son’s mouth a couple of days ago.… Read More