Recovering Beautifully – Megan’s Story.

***Domestic Violence*** Have you ever made a decision in your life that was so large that it not only changed the direction of your life, but also the lives of those around you? I have. Twice. However, you wouldn’t know it by looking at me. I’m your average mom: I have three kids, a nice…

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Recovering Beautifully – Jessica’s Story.

*TW – Eating Disorder* I’ve always been a little chubbier than the kids my age, but I was never very overweight. I had a normal childhood and did lots of sports in my early years at school. When I approached high school, I stopped doing sports, because I felt like I wasn’t good enough to…

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Recovering Beautifully – Dorothy’s Story.

**trigger warning, drugs and abuse** Hi, my name is Dorothy and I am an addict.  Many people in my life, know some of my story, however I have never felt strong enough or brave enough to share it all; until now, thanks to Tiffany and all of the other amazing people that have shared their…

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