I receive many emails each day from supporters of mine who are struggling. I want more than anything to be able to help each person individually, but I have found that because I care about each of you SO DAMN MUCH, that oftentimes I end up becoming incredibly overwhelmed because I can't help but to absorb your pain.

I will continue responding to your emails, but if for some reason you need help/support sooner than I am able to give it -- I am making a list of cool resources that you might find helpful.

I am not affiliated with any of these in ANY way, and I receive nothing from any of them for mentioning them. I have just done a little digging to compile these so you don't have to, because I love your freaking FACE off.

You are never alone, I promise you that.

Crisis Text Line - If you are feeling suicidal, depressed, like you want to harm yourself, or just need someone to talk to, you can text 741741 from your phone and an ACTUAL human being will be there for you. Or call 1-800-273-8255.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline - If you feel alone and like you are at the end of your rope, call this number 1-800-273-8255.

211.org - This website offers resources for those struggling with food, shelter, utilities and more. Check out the website or dial 211 from you phone.

SAMHSA - This website provides information about ALL mental health and addiction, it has a treatment locator, information about grants for treatment, and many other resources.

Thehotline.org (Domestic Violence) - This website helps define domestic violence and offers opportunities for you to determine if you are in an abusive situation. It also offers resources to get you to safety if you are ready. Click the link or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline: If you happen to be having an anxiety attack between the hours of 10am and 6pm est (lol) you can call this number 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) and they will answer questions about the following:

  • Symptoms of mental health conditions
  • Treatment options
  • Local support groups and services
  • Education programs
  • Helping family members get treatment
  • Programs to help find jobs

NA.org - information and resources about the 12-step program Narcotics Anonymous.

Nar-Anon - Resources for loved ones of addicts.

Al-Anon - Resources for loved ones of those struggling with alcohol abuse.

AA.org - information and resources about the 12-step program Alcoholics Anonymous.

OA.org - information and resources for the program that helps those who struggle with overeating.

National Eating Disorders Association - Has lots of resources for those who are struggling with an eating disorder, or love someone who is. They have a helpline as well. (800) 931-2237

Gambling Addiction Resources - If you or someone you know is struggling with a gambling addiction, this site offers information and resources.

The Military Crisis Line - text-messaging service, and online chat provide free VA support for all Service members, including members of the National Guard and Reserve, and all Veterans, even if they are not registered with VA or enrolled in VA health care. Text 838255 Call 1-800- 273-8255 and press 1.

Facebook Support Groups

Again, I am not affiliated with any of these groups, I haven't been a member and just searched them out. You will have your own experiences, but I have found it incredibly therapeutic to gain insight from others who share similar experiences. It helps to know you aren't alone. (If you own one of the groups I mention and would like to be removed from the list, please let me know!) Feel free to search out your own group to find a community that fits <3

Women In Recovery

CLEAN AND SOBER - Addiction Recovery Support Group

Loving Your Child Through Their Addiction

Loved ones of Addicts

Alcoholics Anonymous Support Group.

Eating Disorder (Anorexia, BED, Bulimia & EDNOS) Recovery Support Group

Grieving the loss of a loved one Support Group

Gambling Addiction and Recovery

Depression and Anxiety Support

Postpartum Support International

Suicide Prevention for Military, Veterans and Support Group

Battle scars survivor led self-harm support group

Domestic Violence Support for Women

Chronic & Invisible Illness Support ???

Bipolar Disorder Support Group - A Global Community



These websites make me happy when I'm feeling down. They don't know I exist and I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I just wanted to share because I love you.

goodnewsnetwork.org/ - For happy and positive news articles (for a change)

Happy News (Hero Stories) - Cool lil articles about everyday heroes!

You're Getting Old - Enter your birthdate and find out a bunch of fun facts about the day you were born. Cuz why the hell not. LOL.

TED - I love going here for insight, strength and inspiration.

Damn You Autocorrect - These just make me so happy for some reason.

Postsecret - I've been visiting this website since like high school. It's not for everyone. For some reason I am incredibly fascinated by the dark secrets of others. People anonymously mail a secret in, and they are oftentimes shocking, heartbreaking and some -- strangely relatable.

Awkward Family photos - enough said.

Pixelthoughts - a really cool 60 second meditation exercise.


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21 replies to Helpful Links for those who are struggling.
    1. Thank you for this … please add grandparentsgrieving, a closed Facebook page for the often neglected grandparents of the loss of a grandchild. We share our feelings knowing we are not alone in this painful situation.

    2. I follow your Facebook, and I am truly inspired by you! Your own life experiences are ones you share with others, and it really does help. You are a beautiful light in this very dark world!

      1. I follow your Facebook, and I am truly inspired by you! Your own life experiences are ones you share with others, and it really does help. You are a beautiful light in this very dark world!

  1. Hi,
    You had mentioned a week or so ago about things you do when you start to have an anxiety/panic attack. It was something called orbeez, you put your hands in them and something magical happens. I had to find out what this magic was and if it would work for me. I searched amazon for them and low and behold they appeared. I just received them yesterday and have some soaking. I am not sure how to proceed I am so enthralled with them! Thank you for the tips. I adore you.
    Kimber (March 23rd, 2013 sober date)

  2. Hi I am so happy I found your site, I really
    found you by mistake, while I was researching on Yahoo
    for something else, Anyways I am here now and would just like to say
    thanks a lot for a incredible post and a all round interesting blog (I also love the
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  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Found by way of FB a few months ago and you lift my spirits with your “morning meetings”. When your are down it’s very relatable. Thank you for being so very brave and honest about your good and you bad days. You are helping me and many others make it through this thing called life. Love you to the moon and back!

  4. Tiffany, there’s so much I want to say to you to demonstrate my appreciation and love to you. You have helped me so much with my depression and anxiety. Thank you so much Tiffany. Love you! ???

  5. Thank you for your post and for your humor. Your strength is uplifting and supportive. I look forward to the light and laughter you share with us. Your inspiration keeps us going. ?

  6. I am a Mother to 4 girlsand a step mother to 3 boys and 2 girls… Between us we share a total of 9 kids… Our oldest is our daughter together who just turned 24… I also have 5 Grandbabies… 3 girls and 2 boys… I often struggle with life… Depression is all too real and sometimes I don’t know how to deal… I suffer from pain on a daily basis… I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, CRPS and POTS… I struggle with how to deal with the pain… Medication doesn’t help as much anymore… Bad weather makes things worse… I try to keep up, but always seem to fall short… My energy just isn’t there like it used to be… Your videos always seem to lift me up… I want so bad to feel better and not hurt all the time… Sleep deprived and exhausted… Thank You for lifting my spirits and making me smile… There is so much more I’d Love to talk to you about… If you ever get a chance to respond please do… Your Friend… Jodi

  7. NAMI has warm lines. In missouri there is one called compassionate ear that takes over from 6 pm to 10 pm. Both are totally manned by volunteers who are vetted in peer counseling. I call when I’m anxious confused overwhelmed for grounding and perspective. If you need someone to talk to but you are not at immediate risk call NAMI and ask about this resource in your area

  8. Watched your you tube on “haters gonna hate” and in it you sing to your kids before bed, loved it! Your son sang a bit of “you are my sunshine”, and it just brought a flood of emotions to me, that’s what my mom sang to me, and I’m 60 yrs old, she passed away when she was younger, and I miss her every,every day so much! Just loved that vid, I get your feeds on my FB page about the cleaning products and said as soon as I started watching, you have so much talent to keep people laughing and keep it REAL! Keep it up, you’ll go far!
    Love Your stuff!!

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