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Hey you, I am writing this from the floor of my bathroom, because I don't want to stir my husband from his slumber, (lucky bastard). Sleep, what even is sleep? Anyway, I think we can all agree, that grammar and punctuation have never been my specialty. If you take a look at my blog posts, it won't be long before you spot a stray comma or a misspelled word.  I am a story-teller, that does not make me a "writer", clearly. Soooo, when it was brought to my attention that there were a few mistakes in my book, I cringed.  Not because I paid someone to catch them - because obviously mistakes happen- but I cringed because the mother-freakin' thing is already published. Yesterday, I went in and fixed the changes, nothing major. A few misspelled words.  After this, I have to resubmit to both KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) AND Createspace (Paperback). Once I do this, it makes my paperback "unavailable" while they re-review these files for publishing, (sigh). So while they are generous enough to make it appear as those my book is flying off the shelves at such a rapid pace, that they can't keep up with the demand and are "sold out", the truth is -- I'm just a big, fat, knucklehead who sucks at typing words. Lol. I only discovered that this is why my book was "out of stock", tonight. Ask me how I figured it out... I learned it after resubmitting my mother friggin' files AGAIN, after it was brought to my attention that some of my characters have multiple names. Example: Katie vs Sarah and Tom vs Blake vs Brandon. I have corrected these errors, and resubmitted the files on both websites AGAIN. So what does this mean? Well, a couple of things. First, it means my paperback will be "Temporarily Out Of Stock" for the next few hours while they review it.  Second, this means the paperback and eBook will not be linked on Amazon for a few days, so you have to search them separately. Last, an most importantly, this means that all of you that have purchased the paperback up until this point (a few hundred of you) will have Katie called Sarah once, and Brandon called Blake twice. Now we can look at this one of two ways. One, you can be super-pissed that you spent money on a book in which the author can't even get the characters names straight. OR, you can think to yourself, "Dude, how cool is this! Only me and a few other people in the whole world have the limited addition "Tiffany is An Idiot" version of this book! Sweet!" I am praying you choose number two, however, if you are angry - understandably - I will gladly buy the book from you and donate it somewhere. No questions asked, no hard feelings. With that being said, the updated book should be available tomorrow night in paperback, if not sooner.  You can still purchase it while it is out of stock, it will just ship a couple of hours later. I'm sorry. I love you, and thank you for sticking by me while I try to figure out what the hell I'm doing.


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  1. No worries Tiffany! I’m happy with my version no matter the typos or name swapping. I’ll just refer to mine as the raw version.

    1. Mine gets delivered Wednesday!! I get an original Tiffany Jenkins ?. I love it .. I’m actually going to mail to to you so you will hopefully sign it for me. ?

  2. I wrote this poem just now for you:

    Your book is rad and so are you.

    The end.

    Stop apologizing for things that don’t even matter girl! I like my OG book with its authentic mistakes. Everyone else is going to feel the same way. If they don’t like the OG version they can just eff right off! Sending love from your Colorado BFF??

  3. Seriously! You are so funny and so honest it’s so refreshing I have only been a member of the group for maybe 2 weeks and already feel well not so alone. The comradarie of the people in the group is simply amazing! You could do no wrong. I haven’t ordered the book yet but I’m going to only I won’t have the one warts and all ?.. God bless you Tiffany for your honesty and kindness that has brought so many good supportive people together ?

  4. We probably all devoured the blogs so fast that nobody cared to pay attention to the names! The internet is just free editors. I love that you submitted the corrections despite it backing things up. I don’t think the majority of people even care though because the book message is so good and those errors don’t detract from that overall message. Will you be writing more books? Please do!!!!

  5. You’re such a goofy goober…”buy back the book” hahaha!!!
    It’s a rare first edition! And I for one am officially jealous cause I can’t afford to order mine until after Christmas! I want a messed up one!!!

  6. I love that I get a limited edition!! No worries at all! I think this is pretty common. A friend of mine just published her book as well and I bought it the same day I bought yours. She also had to deal with some issues like this. I can’t wait to read the book!

  7. Hopefully I get my pre corrected version i ordered it last night. It ok no biggie at all it just makes the ones people already have unique ??????

  8. I’m super happy with my “mistakes” copy. You are human… just like the rest of us. You wanted your story out, not to win some award for most words and sentences not mispelled or any mistakes made. I’m glad I got the copy with mistakes in it!!

  9. I read all the time. Almost every hardcover book and (especially) ebooks have mistakes in them. You are worrying for nothing. I do the same thing. All your followers love you for you – not for your grammatical skills. (Just don’t say “I seen.” I hate that! Jk!)

  10. Lol. Love this. All writers make mistakes. You are still a writer. P.s. my fiance is now 13 days sober! Thanks for all the hope you give me.

  11. I am sooo happy I got my copy before it was recalled. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had time to mail it to my daughter for Christmas.

  12. I want to read the book i was pretty far i when you took it all down (but i understand) but i cant afford the book i cant even afford Christmas preasents for my kids . But any way everyone makes mistakes thats what makes a human . I absolutely love watching all your vlogs and other funny post . Dont be so hard on your self .

  13. Tiffany, don’t be hard on yourself! I am super pumped to have this “limited edition” of your book that not many others will have 🙂 it is real and raw, you’ve told us that from the start. So I don’t think a few errors is a big deal at all, that’s life! You’re raising children, taking care of your family, you have a husband, you fight to stay clean, and so many other little things-and that is a lot of work. You also wrote a freaking BOOK while doing all of this. You’re amazing! And i feel lucky to have one of the rare copies.

  14. “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.
    I just tuned in and am already a fan. I’m not an addict or alcoholic, but I have so many other issues, as do most, that you just make the day better. You make things okay with your personality.
    I am a realist and you are about as real as they come.
    Your qualities way outshine any mistakes and your knowledgeable about what’s going on in the publishing/marketing world.
    Plan to buy soon.

  15. Meh…who cares. I read that book in like 7 hours, “mistakes” and all. I couldn’t put it down! The only thing I’m missing is your signature. 🙂

  16. There are children being beaten. There are children starving. People can’t afford medical care. If a FEW mistakes are getting people riled up, then they aren’t the people you want on your friends list anyway 😉 They need to re-evaluate their life choices…

  17. Love you to pieces! Anyone that complains I think should have to become a professional editor and edit EVERYTHING ALWAYS for free for you! ? Here’s praying & hoping things happen even quicker than expected. Have an amazing day.

  18. Do you know how many books I’ve read from major publishing houses and world-famous authors that have typos and mistakes in them? We’re talking people who had up to three editors read their books, plus beta readers, plus their agents who missed something before the book made it to print. You published a freaking book! That’s something to be proud of no matter what! And, from one writer (who has yet to publish a book) to another, this post is so appreciated. We all make mistakes, and when someone can just be real about it and own it, that reminds us all to take ourselves a little less seriously. Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. You know more about book publishing than me… so you’ve got that going for you…

    Plus, you know you’ve learned a lot. Because mistakes help us grow.

    Frankly, there are probably 3 people in the entire world who care about these mistakes, and of course they are most vocal about it.

    It’ll be a great read NO MATTER WHAT.

    You got this!

  20. I think ill just get both edditions!!! Cause I know when I land one ill probably never get it back its so good. So THANK YOU!

  21. If this is the worst thing to happen today then I’d say it’s a good day. You’re great for apologizing. Everyone sucks at something…maybe typing is your thing. Lol! Keep up the great work dear ?

  22. I would be happy with the original version!! I didn’t realize it had released or I would have had it immediately! Too bad for anyone who doesn’t like the “errors” because that’s what will make it special! Love your writing and I still think you are AMAZING!

  23. I am trying to order your book…help me please, i can’t find the link ! On Nov 27, 2017 12:13 AM, “Juggling the Jenkins” wrote:

    > JugglingTheJenkins posted: “**Picture of baby in hopes it helps you not to > hate me…** Hey you, I am writing this from the floor of my bathroom, > because I don’t want to stir my husband from his slumber, (lucky bastard). > Sleep, what even is sleep? Anyway, I think we can all agree,” >

  24. Congratulations on your book! It is amazing! Those mistakes are not a big deal. I couldn’t put it down until I finished. I hope you will write another book some day. You really have an amazing gift!

  25. I love you so much!! Seriously, like your BIGGEST fan!! Haha (Not in a creepy way) You are amazing, Thank you for being you and doing what you do. You give so many people hope, myself included. Even though I’ve read all your blogs, I can’t wait to get your book!!
    ?Your biggest fan

  26. This is encouraging! I published my first novel on December 15, edited it myself. had 2 beta readers and I personally read through the final draft 3 times. When I got the print version after I had already sold about 15 copies, I read it again and noticed several errors. Where the heck were they when I read through it? I paid alot to have it formatted, and there are still formatting errors. So here is the dilemma. Do I just let it sell as is, or do I read through it again to check for mistakes, correct the mistakes and re-upload? I loved writing the book, but I was very glad to be finished with it.

  27. I loved the book…read it one day. I noticed the Sarah thing but thought nothing of it. You rock!

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