Hey friends. The past 5 months since I've started my Facebook page have been -- incredible, to say the least.  Everything has happened so quickly and honestly I was not expecting any of this. I have been averaging around 2,000 new followers a week and it's totally blowing my mind.  I am thrilled, grateful and so, so fortunate to have you all with me on this journey. I am also exhausted, confused and overwhelmed. The page started as a place for me to share my writing, and it has turned into something else and I'm not sure it's where I want it to be, honestly. I initially loved the idea of giveaways.  I thought I could use my platform to help momma's who are busting their butts to support their family by promoting their businesses.  I also received a lot of positive feedback from the participants in the giveaways, about how neat it was that they could enter -- without being required to do anything other than answer a question. I don't ask for anything personally when doing these giveaways, I do them for the sole purpose of hooking my peeps up with cool stuff while helping an entrepenuer. HOWEVER, it has started to become to much.  I receive over 20 messages a day from business owners asking me to do a giveaway for their business. Those messages are mixed in with messages from mothers and addicts reaching out for help and guidance--and THOSE messages, are the reason I started writing. I feel like I've been carried out to sea in a rip-tide, my feet knocked out beneath me and I've been floating along and trying to make everyone happy and get everyone to like me and please every person on the planet........and I'm drowning. I already feel 10 lbs lighter writing this. I recently met with a pretty influential Mom Blogger and she shared some invaluable wisdom with me, things she wished someone had told her when she first began. The biggest thing I took away from her meeting was when she said "Figure out what your goal with the blog is--why you started-- and focus on that." It got me thinking, my goal was never to orchestrate giveaways. It was to write from the heart, help people, make crazy videos and become a famous billionaire. (Just kidding about that last part.) No I'm not. Anyway.  I want to get back to me, doing what feels good to me.  What makes me happy and what I want my message to be. I have giveaways booked on Mondays and Fridays through the 25th of this month.  After that, I will.....*sigh* no longer be doing them. I hope that you all understand that it is nothing personal and I have truly enjoyed being able to help hopefully bring business to those who have participated so far.  But going forward I want to know that whatever long, heartfelt message I'm reading in my inbox won't end with a "catch" from someone wanting to do a giveaway. I am going to spend my time writing, making videos and hanging with the fam. Whew. Damn, it feels good to say that. I feel free.  Relieved. And inspired. Thank you all for bearing with me as I figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life.  This is all so new to me and I'm learning as I go.  Your support has always meant the world to me and I feel so grateful to have you guys with me. THE GOOD NEWS ISSSSSSSSS........... Starting next week, every Friday, I will be posting a new video! That's right.  Vids are getting scheduled.  9:00 pm EST on Fridays be on the look out for a video having to do with motherhood, addiction, random life experiences, skits and whatever the hell else pops into this crazy brain of mine. Me love you long time.... Tiff  


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52 replies to An Important Message To My Followers.
    1. Those little people and big person in your life (and sis), and you , are what’s important. You are not a commercial! YOU are very creative. I can see you taking off with your skits (once the little people are older that is!), and helping people. Keep being you.

    2. I appreciate you for you not for what you giveaway. I love you, your with and humor and your uncanny knack for the written word. You do you boo. Me love you long time too. I think this is a thoughtful post and one that I support 1000%.

  1. That’s ok, I’m in it for your writing and your stories, not the giveaways. Can’t say I’ve even bothered to enter any, lol.

  2. You’re an amazing all around woman! Don’t give up you! I absolutely love reading your blogs and seeing you on Fb live. Don’t fret over trying to keep everyone else happy. You’vegota famiky and yourselfto fret over. I think that is enough. Keep up with the great work beautiful!

  3. *Sorry had to fix my autocorrect mess ups*

    You’re an amazing all around woman! Don’t give up you! I absolutely love reading your blogs and seeing you on Fb live. Don’t fret over trying to keep everyone else happy. You’ve got a family and yourself to fret over. I think that is enough. Keep up with the great work beautiful!

    1. Good for you! I started following you before I even knew you were doing giveaways. Lol. Your vids. we’re funny! To be honest I didn’t even know that you were a addict, but they rem inded me of meetings I go to. Lmao. Here is the kicker I stoped going because I got hit on buy guys so many times and I wasn’t there to get hit on! I have a life at home. A family i love and addore those people knew that! And still they hit on me. Its sad. Anyhow giveaways shouldn’t be the reason people are following you. You focus on you and what is best for you! Serenity now!

  4. I love your stories and am so happy that is the part that drives you! Thank you for being so brutally honest in all you do. I feel more human after reading each of your blogs, knowing my love was not and is not in vain, for my daughter, who shares in the struggles of sobriety.

  5. I’m here to read what you have to say. I’m a momma who needs the support of mom as like you, and could care less about a giveaway — I haven’t even entered one!!!
    Please keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are having major influences on plenty of ladies out in cyber world!!! We love you!!!

  6. I’m here to read what you have to say. I’m a momma who needs the support of moms like you, and could care less about a giveaway — I haven’t even entered one!!!
    Please keep doing what you’re doing and know that you are having major influences on plenty of ladies out in cyber world!!! We love you!!!

  7. I’m actually glad your giving up the give always and going back to you!! I love reading and watching everything you post!! I’m an addict(been clean almost a a year and a half) and a mom!! Also left a 20 year abusive relationship so as if a “normal” life isn’t hard enough dealing with all that, the anxiety, insecurities and self doubt all while rebuilding my life and becoming me you give me hope and inspiration and lots of laughs!! It’s best to take care of yourself! One of the most important things I’ve learned this last year! Self care! It’s the hardest but also the most important

  8. Way to go girl give aways are not way ur followers love ya sweetie… they love u cuz ur raw and truthfully about things that most aren’t and because ur funny as hell keep doing u ?

  9. You are a fabulous insperation , I love your message and LOVE your videos. Its really resfreshing to know you genuine. So with that said, do you follow your purpose , because Iam inspired as an active addict. Never have I participated to get free stuff , well honestly I just follow because your post make me smile.

  10. I’m so happy you are stopping the giveaways. I had to stop watching your videos because I want to see you, not the merchandise. Thank you for coming back to us!

  11. Nobody came here for the giveaways,and if they did well then they can just walk straight back out that door. Babes we are here to share your journey,support you tthrough all this,learn from you,and get some awesome laughs from you. Thats it! You dont need to buy as with all these giveaways. You, thats all we want. You are enough Tiff. We would never want to make you feel bogged down by us,were here to laugh with you not at you while you drown in all of this! Take a breather,find what YOU are comfortable with and take it from there!!
    Love you more long times!!


  13. I assure you the giveaways are not why you have all the followers. Honestly, I’m a busy single momma running my own business and think you’re hillarious and “real” and didn’t even realize you were doing giveaways. Keep being you and loving your family. You’re amazing!!

  14. I love your writing. I wasn’t actually interested in the giveaways what I love are your blog posts and your fun videos.
    Have a fun weekend 🙂


  15. I love your writing & videos! I didn’t even know you were doing giveaways ?. My heart sank a bit when I started reading this because I thought you were going to say you needed to stop completely. Glad you are not going anywhere!

  16. All that you just expalined, how you started this blog and it became something else because you were trying to meet other’s expectations or whatever, is a PERFECT example of what happens to me. My life can get that way very easily and I have to gently remind myself. Kerry, it’s your life. So , I sit here smiling because Tiffany ” it’s your blog”. You rock! Have fun! I enjoy just listening and watching. Simple is good!!! MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT! GOD BLESS!!!!

  17. Kinda glad to hear This. I love your videos and crazy postings. I hope you will still go live once in a while. Let the ones who live so far stay somewhat connected. Get back you. I will still be a fan

  18. Good for you! You really didn’t seem like your normal cheerful self lately, so I’m glad that you are going back to your fun inspirational crazy self. I’m also glad that you did the give aways there are a lot of products out there that I never knew about like the kitty in a can lol. But I also understand the burden that puts on you also, life is “no bueno” trying to please the world. You do you boo boo and we will all be grateful for it!

  19. I have been watching you a lot lately wondering how in the world you could possibly be doing all of this & fit it all into one day!!! I would be ripping my hair out, lol. I know that you have a supportive husband, sister and thousands of followers who needed to hear what you had & have to say & share…also giving us those laughing videos along the way!!! Your decision to slow down is a great one & it came at a time when you felt it & figured it out….always follow your heart & your true self …it will never let you down! Sooooo away with the giveaways! and back to the REAL genuine, down to earth gal that you are! As for making it…. ohhhh honey you made it already once that book comes out! Even though I am reading it on line …I still want one & I have like anywhere from 6 to 8 that I need as gifts for others!!! I am sure many others will be buying more than 1-book too as it seems in life now we have all been touched by, know someone who was once a addict or is still a addict and it is going to be a WONDERFUL READ! Keep yourself real & you will never go wrong! The book, your family, and time together is what you need to get by…..ohhhhh and that painting that I want to buy!!!! LOL <3 xx0xx <3

  20. Just listen to your heart! That’s is what we are all here to hear from you. Kindness, wisdom, humor and a lil sarcasm the rest of us are usual thinking but maybe don’t say out loud!! If the people are here for the sole purpose of “winning” something , then they can keep it movn’. Don’t let others dictate your path!
    So, do what u love, love what u do.

  21. Tiffany, I’m glad to hear this! I feel like an asshole saying this but, I skipped over the giveaway videos and didn’t enter any of them. Mostly because I knew even if I won and loved the product, I wouldn’t be able to indulge in buying more.. I lost contact with you (atleast being FB Friends) I’m assuming when you went to jail (I remember noticing that I hadn’t seen you post anything in a while) and when my mom told me you were one of the girls that stopped by to see my sister while she was in the hospital, I couldn’t get you off my mind. I sent you a friend request, realized you were still the funniest girl ever and we’re blogging about your experience, I was stoked! You made sense out of my sisters addiction and for the first time, I didn’t feel like I was on the brink of a mental breakdown worrying about her. You are amazing and with the opioid epidemic affecting so many people, you are inspiring people that once felt like it was hopeless. You have been a star since you were a kid! Do your thang girl! <3

    P.S. it's crazy to think, I know a famous chick! 😉

    Much love and appreciation,

  22. I think you are completely wonderful, just you the Easter Buiny and how to laugh your way thru life, including recovery. Keep going girl.

  23. Yes! I am both selfishly and selflessly so happy to read this. I was getting pretty deterred by the constant giveaways, and I do think it’s crucial to focus on those things important to you.

    With that being said, MLMs are not businesses. They are quasi-pyramid schemes where the distributor is distributing a business’s (not their own business, someone else’s company’s) products. As a small business owner, I find it infuriating when MLM pushers claim to own their own business, own their own small business, they are a CEO, and/or an entrepreneur. You are salesman. The end.

    The huge influx of MLMs in the mom demographic is overwhelming and inescapable. It’s everywhere. In our newsfeeds, inboxes, emails, comments, igs, etc.

    So, again, thank you so much for foregoing the MLM giveaways! I think you are hilarious, genuine, and relatable; and I’m stoked I get to continue following you.

  24. Eff the giveaways! They were super fun but probably not gonna fulfill your soul. And now to get real…SCHEDULED VIDEOS?!?! Shut up right now! Yayyyyyy!

  25. I love that you’re doing this. I heard about you from someone saying how intrigued they were by your writing and your story. I look forward to Wednesday’s for the next chapter and am very much looking forward to purchasing your book at some point. (Unless you’re doing a giveaway for it… lol, just kidding… I had to!) But seriously, you’re awesome and so talented, and you have accomplished something that you should be so proud of. And that’s so inspiring to soooo many people. People LOVE you because of who you are, and how amazing you are! I didn’t come for the giveaways, I come here for encouragement, inspiration, and lots of laughs 🙂 You truly are a breath of fresh air! Focus on what brings YOU happiness, and good luck with your book 🙂

  26. Wait…..what, there were giveaways?!?! Totally spaced that but you can set your clock to where I am come Wednesday’s….anxiously awaiting that notification that there is a new blog post from you!!! Just know that we Momma’s have your back and we truly love you for simply being “you”; giveaways or no giveaways…. big hugs

  27. Tiffany, I am so sorry that this has being weighing on your awesome heart. And that you have been bombarded with so much at once. I am so glad you have the courage to speak up and let everyone know how you feel and that you need to take a step back and focus on why you started this. The most important thing is that you are happy. This is your story!! It is your videos and blogs that led me/people to you and like you said so much has happened so quickly. You are human, a mother of two beautiful children, your bonus daughter and a wife. You have to focus on your life and stay afloat and true to yourself, your goals, and your dreams. I know how sweet you are and I can tell that you don’t want to say no to anyone and that can get very overwhelming when all of a sudden you’ve got thousands of followers and then people asking you to promote this and that. Which I know you don’t mind but your only one person and you have to stay focused on what your purpose is, it’s very easy to drift away from what you intended on doing however I am glad you are redirecting to stay true to who you are. You take care of you, you have to be the best you, for your family and the other families who need you. I love everything you do, I had not laughed in a long time until I found you just about a month ago I love the garage sale day so much (And whenever you are LIVE) Just getting a LIVE glimpse of a day in the life of Tiffany Was so fun the funny looks, the little remarks, etc. Your smile is contagious, and your humor is out of this world. I can’t wait for your Friday night videos and maybe some will be LIVE. You are the best!! ??

  28. Your kidding me, no more giveaways…I don’t think I can function . Just kidding!!! Keep it real home slice! I enjoy reading about your experiences . It helps me realize how jacked up I was. I can envision through other people’s eyes my ridiculousness and the effects it had on my family. Signing off from East Texas “Peace Out”!!

  29. I would rather see the giveaways go away then you go away all together because its too much. Please dont try to be a people pleaser. Someone is always going to bitch. Someone is always going to not like a choice you make. There will always be negative haters. Ignore, delete and block them all!! Do what makes you happy. Do what you think is right and I promise you will still have thousands of people finding you. We’re here for your realness, your openness, your humor. Not a small chance of winning random swag.

  30. I am so happy you have made this decision. I started following you but truthfully, I hated the giveaways. For me, they just diluted the reason for the messages I found through you. And more importantly, I worried that all of this was becoming too much for you and possibly threatening your recovery. I look forward to continuing to read your wonderful blogs and sharing your journey! Thank you and take care of you!

  31. Hey Tiff
    So glad your news wasn’t bad.
    I love you blogs posts, live videos and the skit videos.
    The giveaways were a nice idea but not needed.
    Also keep writing girl you have talent and that is a gift!

  32. Hi Tiffany, I just want to let you know that I can really relate to you.. I am getting ready to go into a 18 month wowams traniscinal housing.. I truly give God all the credit for this.. I truly believe he is taking me on the next level of my journey.. I am also addicted to pain killers.. it is total insanity!!! The traniscinal is allowing me to live there while my doctor weans me off my pain medication.. I will be 58 years old this month.. It’s time I start working on me.. I can’t relate to your insanity very very much!! I am so very proud of you for having the courage to do all that you do… if you can remember one thing.. God will never give you more than you can handle.. many blessings to you and yours always ??

  33. Tiffany, this is awesome news! I don’t know about the majority of your followers but I joined your group because I could relate to you as a mom… and you are hilarious! The giveaways were great for the small business owners and it just showed how big your heart was, but it was becoming too much and I don’t know how you kept up! Don’t feel bad, your letter was honest and real and that is what your purpose for the page was… to reach peoples hearts not their mailboxes with free stuff. I love your blog and I think you are awesome and who knows maybe you will hit billionaire status, lol!!

  34. “You get a car, you get a car, EVERYBODY GETS A CAR!!!”

    Kidding Tiffany, you’re doing great things and we are so proud of you’re mission.

    Keep it up!

    -Brady n Paula

    (Kinda like Salt n Peppa…?)

  35. As my 15 year old daughter would say, you do you girl! I follow your page because you are funny, you have such an amazing spirit, and are so inspiring. I follow your page because of you, not what you might give away. Hugs to you.

  36. I’m so proud of you!! It’s hard when you become overwhelmed and you are trying to help everyone else and lose yourself in the process. I love reading your blog and your story. Do what’s best for you and what makes you happy!! You are ENOUGH!

  37. Whew! I am glad!!! I am ready to get back to reading your shenanigans and watching your hilariousness. I was never here for the giveaways anyways. ? No need to overwhelm yourself, lovie.

  38. This is the right decision. You need to do what you feel happy doing. I don’t think anyone was here for the giveaways. I look forward to your videos and writing more then anything. I can only imagine how many messages you get from people and you can’t possibly answer them all right away. Focus on you and your littles. The rest will wait. You have already done so much in such little time. Just keeping the kids alive is a full-time job. ? Looking forward to future developments and the great things to come for you and yours.

  39. Hi Tiffany! I came across your blog accidentally today and it consumed my whole day. I started reading from your very first post until this last one. I am not an addict, but have lost many of friends due to this horrible epidemic. Your story has really intrigued me. You are a fabulous writer. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and hope you publish that book soon, girl! Keep on keepin’ on! You’re amazing!

  40. Wow, I had no idea you did giveaways. I don’t have Facebook. But anyways, I fell upon your blog while looking at something on my hubby’s page. And I began reading your story and am now all caught up. I’m enjoying it very much. I don’t read many blogs. When I read this, I thought about a book by Lysa Turkhurst called “Your Best Yes”. Maybe, if you like to read, you could try that? Its about figuring out what you should and should not say yes to so that you can live guilt free by only doing things that will further your hopes, dreams, and purpose here on earth. It’s a faith based book but Lysa Turkhurst is amazing!
    Anyways, I love your story. And I love your realness. You’re amazing.

  41. You are amazing! I did not realize you had giveaways. I started following your blog after I saw a link on FB. I was blown away by what you went through and the life you lead today. You are an inspiration to so many, regardless of our background and history. You tell a story so well I can’t wait to read the next installation. Girl, please do you because you do it so well.

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