I've included a Christmas picture of me from 1990 for no reason at all. Some of you watched my most recent "Live" video (...Er, sorry about that) and aside from witnessing me flop my "pool toy" around, you got to hear some news I shared in regards to possibly writing a book. Since sharing this news, my car has been egged and protestors have been posted up in my yard with signs reading: "F*** your book!" for 2 days straight... (Kidding.) However, I have received lots of messages from you guys with opinions, advice and words of encouragement.  It has all been positive, no one has been mean or hateful (to my face) about this, so I'm incredibly grateful for all of the love you guys show me on the daily-- You're my peoples, man. Anyway, I wanted to clear up any confusion, because I was so nervous about all the angry emoji's I was receiving on my live that I don't think I properly explained--so I'll do that now.
  1. It was suggested that I take a break from sharing things pertaining to my specific life story, until I write the book and send it in it's entirety to a certain agent.  At which point he would like to propose it to his big boss people on the top floor.  So what does this mean? Technically--nothing. Literally.  I have no deal, no one has agreed to sign me, and I have not hired any agents or editors.
  2. I have prayed about this, asked a psychic, flipped a coin and opened 10 fortune cookies in hopes of discovering the "right" path to take. Here is my predicament: A) I stop sharing my weekly blogs with you guys - in essence leaving you hanging-- in hopes I'm able to strike a book deal.  Getting a book deal is highly unlikely, but possible. Anything is possible, right?  It would mean not only generating income for my fan-damily, but it will also (hopefully) inspire those who are still struggling; showing them that a purposeful life after addiction is possible. This has been my ultimate goal -- hence me being insanely transparent and divulging WAY to much about my personal life to you guys. I want you to know show you that you aren't alone, because you're not. Or, B)I continue to share my story here on my blog for you guys -- my ride or die, A-1 since day one peeps--and passing up any chance of ever sharing my story in book form.  Spending the rest of my days wondering what kind of opportunities I missed while knitting sweaters for my cats alone in my tiny home.
  3. So, it's tricky.  I don't have the right answer, each choice leads to a completely different future and that's a lot of pressure.
  4. I will tell you this, my friends, and we are gonna speak hypothetically here.  I have begun the editing phase of my book.  Initially, I was going to copy and paste all the blogs I have already posted, then add the rest--the meat of the story--onto the end.  However, when I went back to do that, I realized that when I initially began blogging--I had no clue what the frig I was doing.  Misspellings, incorrect grammar and punctuation galore, it was a nightmare.  So I'm currently in the process of rewording everything.
  5. I am going to post a final chapter tomorrow and then... Take a break to sort things out.  It's not done forever, I'm just pausing the series for now. (So shitty, I know.)
  6. Here's what I'm thinking though, Okay?  Let's say that me publishing a book is part of a "big plan" that the universe, God, Allah,(whatever you believe)-has in store.  Then obviously, all of you (My homies) would have first dibs.
  7. Also, the agent came up with an idea that I personally thought was awesome.  You may not, but we will give it a shot.  If someone were to consider taking my book on, they would first look at my social media accounts (crap) to see what kind of following I have. Soooooo, he suggested that I propose a trade to you guys.
  8. I have never been one to self-promote, it makes me feel weird, and really uncomfortable.  But if it will help me make a future for my family, I will paint my logo all over my van and stand in the middle of the street with a sign saying "like my damn page on Facebook!". So here's the deal.  Now I don't want ya'll to go around force-adding people to my page, no one likes that. However, if you can give your friends the run down on what I'm all about over here, and they decide they want to get in on the action, I am prepared to make a deal.
  9. If you can convince 5 of your friends to fall madly in love with me -- no, wait, if you can convince 5 of your friends that they should like my Facebook page and/ or follow my blog @ www.jugglingthejenkins.com--and they do it, you are allowed to ask me ONE question about my story --anything you have been dying to know, and I will answer it...in 10 words or less.  If you can talk 10 friends in to liking my Facebook page - You get to ask me a question and recieve the unpublished Chapter #6 sent to your inbox. Boom. If you can convince more than 10 people--than I am moving you into my spare bedroom and we will live happily ever after.  Just kidding. I don't have anything cool to offer after 10.  I think there's a dusty old X-box laying around here somewhere and some leftover Easter candy.  But that's it.
  10. Lastly, and most importantly, a few of you mentioned in my inbox that you were concerned I would become a "sell-out" and I totally understand why.  These days it's hard to find people who are genuine, and have their followers, friends, fans, best interest at heart.  It's really important to me that you understand that this will never be the case. I started blogging for one reason and one reason only--because I was really bored one day.  Just kidding.  I wanted to use my struggles to inspire people like me. People who feel or have felt hopeless, desperate to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  I wanted to show them they aren't alone, and that we are all a little weird in our own way. That will never change.
I will never lose sight of why I started, no matter what happens.  I will continue to make crazy videos, write articles about motherhood, addiction, marriage and adulting.  And I will still be chatting with you guys everyday.  The only difference will be that there isn't a super-exciting-edge-of-your-seat series to look forward to each week, no big deal, right? Lol. Please let me know how you guys feel about this, as well as any suggestions or concerns you have.  Your excitement keeps me excited, so your opinions matter. I love you guys and look forward to hearing from you! P.S. Even though my sons preschool teach watched me pull out a sex toy last night on camera, things were totally cool when I dropped him off and picked him up today...So, in case you were wondering.  We're still cool.  Poor Kaiden.      


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  1. i get it. it sucks, but i get it. Its like the mid 2000’s! We could download music for free all day long! Then Kanye got all pissed because he was trying to make a living. I get it. I liked ya before THE STORY, i guess I’ll lile ya now that you cut me off cold turkey!

    ps…do we get credit for the fans we’ve already successfully devoted to ya? ??

  2. No matter what just please make sure that those who couldn’t afford the book have access to your story. A story that everyone can read and say, “if she did it I can too”. I’m not trying to act like the shit you bounced back from was so much worse than what other people are up against, but people who are caught up in the addiction cycle don’t have 20 bucks to drop on a book. I know we don’t want them to steal it LOL. Maybe there’s a way to work around that? Or maybe the story will touch enough people that attitudes change on a larger scale! Maybe it brings more compassion in the big picture? No matter what you decide I will always follow you. I will buy every book you write. I will brag about how I talked to you before you were on oprah LOL. I should be saving screenshots of our chats just so I can prove I’m not lying if anyone wants to G with me hahaha. It doesn’t matter what path you decide to follow. All the paths lead to Healing and Hope. Thank you so much for being so candid and caring so much about the people who’ve become invested in your story. Much love for days!

    1. Girl if i DO ever get a book, and someone wants to read it but cant afford it, i will make it rain books on them. I dont care about the money. (Okay, well i care about the money.) but i care about you more. Period. ?

    2. Whatever happens will be what was meant to happen. And we’ll continue to follow tou wherever your journey takes you with love and support. Thats what a legit posse does.

  3. I try to share your video or blog every time i see it. Recently saw my friend in Orlando (who has 6 kids) sharing your stuff. You have what it takes. Trust the Man above.

  4. From the first day i started reading I said to myself: “self; why is she not writing a book”!!!! and my next thought was: “this woman belongs on the ELLEN show” that’s how funny your videos are! You are for sure at this point in your life brought this way for a reason!!!! (I SAY WRITE THE BOOK) don’t let the “what if’s” live in your mind!True followers will never leave you & for the most part be very understanding!!! Sure me included will miss the writing…but, i can not be selfish in someone else’s DREAM! Just PROMISE to keep coming on with your videos!!! Your such a SCREAMmmmmmm when I have you on live there have been times my husband & son come in to watch! You are so down to earth, so unique, & a FANTASTIC writer that needs to get her story out there all over the WORLD! So many need to know that no matter what the addiction, how much you have been through, went through, lost, given, taken, you can with help turn your self around & SHINE brighter than EVER….This is just the start of your NEW JOURNEY and it is going to be one HELL of a ride, for not only you but us as followers!!! So i say: “Buckle up kids, cuz we are going for a RIDE!!! You are going to do AWESOME!!!

    1. Agreed!! I have been wwaaiitttiinnggg for a book announcement!! Seriously, this is a good lesson on delayed gratification or whatever the counselors call it, right!? J/k j/k But really I cant wait, a book mmuustt happen!!

  5. Other than my own disappointment at having to wait for the book to read your story, lol, my thoughts went in the same direction as Bobbi J. I am hoping that you can “have it all” so to speak, along with your fan base. While so many of us are excited for you and this opportunity, and will certainly buy your book, I feel those who need to connect with you for their ultimate survival may not have access to the book or would even feel overwhelmed if it were given to them to read. There is something about the weekly cliff hangers that allow (or even force) you reflect before moving on. That being said, I hope you write your book (and invite me to your book signing, at your mansion) AND find a way to keep some kind of blog going sharing that raw insight and experience. No pressure right? Ask your higher source for guidance and listen with your heart. Be quiet. Be still. (I can’t even remember what movie that was from lol). You can’t go wrong. You have a wonderful gift and you have been given multiple opportunities to share it. Good luck!

    1. Ahhhhhh….very interesting. I have never thought about it that way and really appreciate you bringing that up. Gah now im more confused than ever! Lol. Thank you so much for your honesty, its really got me thinking!

  6. I am so proud of you. You should write a book. I would be the first in line. You know the old saying, go with your gut. Every day I look forward to what is next with you. Now we all know,Fame bitch !! Grab it by the balls !! Love you and we will see you at the top !!

  7. I think you should follow your dreams, as cheesy as that sounds. Yes, we’re all waiting to know what happens next but you have such an advantage here and it would bw really cool to read it all mapped put in a book. With your sense of humor and candid writing style it would be a great read, you could benefit from sharing and so could others. You’re awesome and whatever you end up doing just know you have support.

  8. Ok I’ll be completely honest. When I first started writing I’m waiting for the “Screw the book I’d never cut off your weekly fix by writing a book”, and felt cheated when you chose the latter. But the above comment about being selfish in your dream really hits home. Follow it all the way girl. You are a true inspiration. Excited to see where the good Lord takes you and your family and to be your biggest fan all the way. Love y’all rock on

  9. I know I’m kinda new around here (although I’m glad I witnessed the “pool toy” live video for myself, lmao), but I say do what your heart tells you to do and what you think will be best for your family. You have a story worth sharing and the personality to make it happen.

    Follow your dreams and your heart! Good luck!

  10. Tiff, from a person who no longer has FB… I will say, I’ve missed your posts the most. This blog entry obviously came as a surprise to me due to that fact, but also I’m not surprised. You deserve this possibility, go for it. Your story is amazing, the last blog you wrote (and many before that) I’ve thought to myself “she really needs to write a book”… I know you’ll stand true to everything you’ve said above because that’s how you’ve always been. Dream big, skies the limit, you can do it, all those one liners we tell our kids needs to be said to you right now. There are more pros than cons to you writing this… plain and simple. Trust me, I’ll be the first in line buying multiple books and donating the extras to rehab centers. Love you!

  11. Girl!!!! You are amazing! The first time I saw your face was on a mom 2 mom group that you were doing your mom group video- this was a week ago, since then I’ve been obsessed with knowing what’s next, and telling every single person I know about your blog, vlog, fb and snap chat! You do you, what’s best for you and your family! You are an inspiration already even if you don’t realize it, I’ll buy your book when it comes out and tell everyone how awesome it is and I bet there’s tons of other fans who feel the same way! Rock it out! And don’t leave us hanging for too long!!! Enjoy those babies!!!

  12. I think you are definitely taking a step in the right direction with trying to write a book!!! I tell my bf every week as I read this, that I feel like I’m reading a novel because you are just so darn good at putting words on paper! I will definitely miss reading each chapter every week but you deserve to have a published book and I will go out and buy it the day it hits stands! You are incredible and your story is amazing. And yes, please keep posting something, anything! You are hilarious and I love it!

  13. I’m so upset.. I recently came across your blog, spent 2 days catching up from the beginning and then last week (Thursday I think) I read your last blog post with out knowing it was your last blog post and was devastated when the reality sunk in I would have to wait a week for you to publish another snippet of your story. I am super duper excited for you!!! I will now be waiting on you and E.L. James to publish books haha SUCKS that we have to wait for an entire book to be published (fingers crossed) .. it was a struggle waiting the few days for you to write another chapter on your blog lol guess I can catch up on the dishes and laundry that piled up while I was lost in your blog.

      1. I am the same, I’ve been hooked since I found you and spend every spare min I have catching up!!! I will definitely buy your book and I’m definitely going to get 10 people so I can get the next chapter!!! I love you girl, you are an inspiration xoxo

  14. Tiffany, you are selfless with your followers, friends, family..and perfect strangers. When my sister said you came to see her in the hospital and spent hours talking to her, answering questions and trying to help her with her recovery plan, I initially thought, “aww, that’s sweet! I haven’t seen her in forever, I’m glad she’s doing well.” Then I found you on FB and realized you have 3 kids, your own sobriety, a husband, your writing blogs, making videos, and you took time out of your busy schedule to go talk to friend, that nearly died… Your story needs to be heard. It needs to be a reference book. Take as long as you need. Write your book. Go see Ellen and DR PHIL! ? Nothing is going to stop you now! You go girrrrl!

  15. To quote an amazing author “There is a God, he was with me in that bathroom stall last night, and he has a beautiful plan for my life, one that is greater than I could ever imagine…”
    I believe this book is what is meant to be for you and I am so happy for you! You deserve it! Although I am selfishly sad because I will have to wait I am use to it (I watch Orange Is The New Black so I binge watch that then have to wait ?) I am also excited because once it is published I get to read your story all at once and you get paid! Win win!!! Keep on being you! You are and will continue to be an inspiration to many! All God’s blessings to you in this journey!

  16. Your writing is amazing I am honestly surprised you haven’t started thinking about or had someone snatch you up to write a book I will definitely buy it in a heartbeat. I have looked forward to you chapters every week.

  17. Write the book! I just started folowing you a couple weeks ago and I’m loving this series but I’d much rather read it in a book, that’s an opportunity you should not pass up no matter if you have to hold off on the story or not for now. Eventually it will be shared and will continue to inspire many people. I’ve been telling my friends how amazing you are 🙂 hope they check you out soon!

  18. As disappointing as it will be to have to wait for the book, I feel like you have the talent and the vision to succeed at whatever you do. I only hope that I can make a similar impact by sharing my own story.

  19. I’m brand spankin’ new so I know someone will read this comment and go all Mean Girls “She doesn’t even go here!” ???? Anyway, I’ve binged your blog over the last couple hours while lying in bed (ill cue dr Phil for sleep in just a min). I just wanted to thank you for putting yourself out there. I’m grateful and clean today but all of us aren’t so lucky. I just wanted to say that I think you can do it all. You can write a best seller that takes care of your family and still be the support you are today. I don’t think you have to pick. Of course there will be those who feel like you sold out but at the end of the day you have to choose what takes care of you and your family best. I’ll buy your book and still look forward to your blogs and videos. Your book will be the past and what brought you to and through all this. There’s an unlimited about of time for current and new adventures with your fan-family. I mean everyday life hands you more material than you could ever fit into 50 books! Also, writing books will allow you to reach more people and within those people are those still suffering who may not have a way to be reached other than seeing a print ad for your book or happening across while escaping the rain in a Barnes&Noble. I know I can’t wait to see what you do next! ?

  20. so this will be super short and sweet.

    write a book.. I know it’ll get published and people will buy it and than we’ll all see you on Ellen and you’ll make money to support your family. you deserve a happy ending with how you came out on top, beat addiction and everyday you make people laugh. you are a great mom and you are helping me with some of my struggles.

  21. I definitely got addicted to your series. I did look forward to a new one today, bummer ? Lol but on the bright side I have 594 days clean today and you truly inspire me. ????

  22. Girl i’m hooked on your story. I’d pay twice… maybe three times the amount it would cost to buy your book if you kept sending chapters to my email. That being said, write the book. There are so many people that need it. You can (and maybe already have) saved so many lives and give so many people (myself included) hope. I havent been here from the begining. I just found you maybe last week? But i have binge read everything you have written and also watched a good portion of your videos. Girl, let me tell you what, if you write that book you are gonna be famous. Shit, you kind of already are. Good luck. P.s. i wish i would have known you before i moved from florida, cuz we could have been besties. For real. You are the same mom i am. We could have neglected our housework and lounged around together eating icecream and promising ourselves we would start the laundry tomorrow. Oh well. Friends from afar i guess.

  23. Your link to your blog has an error code. Thought you would like to know. and hey, I found you through my sister explaining how she loves your fb vvideos.I love what your doing, and I love how you used the word butterfly to convey your word, fits well. Oddly enough, I dreamt about it myself. I just never had the drive to follow up with my writting past the title. Or maybe just I hadn’t healed enough to push the envelope to dive into the actual writing part of the book. If I remember correctly I called it “the blooming butterfly ” in connection to childhood trauma. Im poud of you, many are. Just know, not everyone is capable of feeling proud for other’s accomplishments, all the while still fighting off their past failures and or struggles at heart. I am tho. Make your money, live your dream, follow your heart. It seems to be taking you exactly where ypur supposed to be so, keep it up. Much love -Jessica

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