Who is Tiffany Jenkins?

Tiffany Jenkins is the funny lady behind “Juggling the Jenkins”. She has over 3 million Facebook followers and counting! She is a wife, mother, author, content creator and recovering addict. In addition to Facebook, she also creates vlogs, does product reviews and plays games on her YouTube channel.

Although best known for her funny viral Facebook videos, Tiffany is also incredibly passionate about bringing awareness to mental illness.

She speaks shamelessly, openly and honestly about her past and addiction, as well as her struggles with depression and anxiety.

Her story had such an overwhelming response from followers that she decided to share other stories of recovery submitted by people from all over the world.

Tiffany shares her story of hope in jails, rehabs and high schools and hopes to one day be able to travel the globe and make as many people laugh and feel inspired as possible.

On this site you will find inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles, funny videos and more. To reach Tiffany personally, check out her Contact Page.

Grab a cup of coffee, kick up your feet, and prepare to leave here happier than when you arrived.