If you are in search of hope, inspiration or just a sense of belonging—look no further.

I’m Tiffany Jenkins and most of you know me from my silly viral videos, but there is another side to me. I have anxiety, depression, and was an active drug addict for over ten years.

I found that sharing my truth was not only therapeutic for me, but many others as well.  This is a place where people just like you and I are sharing their stories of hope after a period of adversity.

So grab some coffee, kick back, and prepare to see addiction, motherhood, marriage and mental health—like you’ve never seen it before.





  1. I feel kind of cocky posting this, but up until just a few weeks ago I hid almost everything about myself and my addiction, but now that I’ve finally shared it I feel like I want to share it with the world. I thought the article about me was just an article, people say “inspiration” but it didn’t really mean anything. It’s my life that’s it that’s all. I didn’t think I did anything special by sharing really…..but seeing the compilation of stories and sitting here crying like a baby 4+ years sober I get it. It’s a big deal. And I want the list to get bigger, and I want people to see it and feel the way I do—clean or not—and I want to be a part of it…. This article was geared towards school & graduation & such even though there’s soooo much more to be said….. that’ll have to wait until I have time to really write “this book” people are always telling me to write haha



    • I really loved you story and it was very brave of you to tell it my name is Alisha Brewer I’m 55 years old I understand your story in fact I was that story also I’m happy to say I’ve been clean now 8 years I’m writing you because I want to help others I believe maybe my story could help someone so I’m asking is there a way I could get my story out there in some way I really feel in my heart I really need to do this so if there’s a way you know I can could you please help me do it please let me know


  2. Hi my name is Deanna I’m 33 I had no idea that you were in recovery. I to am in recovery I struggle with a heroin addiction since I was 23 I also have a twin brother who just celebrated 2 years clean. Our mother has been amazing she is truly our angel, as I get older I strive to be half the mother she is to my kids. I’ve had 2 years n the past and I fell off, I got locked up looking at 10 years n jail I thought I was beat then a program was offered to me, knowing through Devine intervention I now celebrate my clean date on march 23 my favorite aunts birthdayshe passed away suddenly my first jail sentence my heart was broke, but now I have a day that truly means something to me it wasn’t only her birthday but the start of my new life, I fill my days with treatment, na meeting, family, people that make me smile that’s how I came across your videos ur just hilarious.I admire your openness to sharing and educating people about addiction, you are blessed to have found your purpose, I am excited to see what the future holds for me as for my brother he just bought a brand new f250 he inspires me as do you…thank you…your friend in recovery Deanna

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  3. Tiffany,I am you.And you are amazing.Please tell me that you will tour!I work for American Airlines and I will fly anywhere in the world to see you!

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  4. Thank you, Tiffany for helping me through a tough time when I needed it the most. I recently found out my husband had an affair last fall. I was having the lowest of low times. I have been diagnosed with depression over 5 years ago and this event triggered everything from my past causing the depression to rear its awful head again. One day I came across your blog on face book, it was a tremendous help. Your videos make me laugh, cry and reassess my life. Thank you so much for being that person who is helping others and helping me get through the tough times. I love you and your way of of making people laugh and making them feel loved.

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  5. Thank you for your videos! I watch one every morning to start off with some inspiration and a good laugh! I’m bipolar and it’s been out of control for a year and a half now! My Dr can’t find a medications combination to help me. I deal with mania ( highness),depression and rapid cycling ( which is both in one day!) It takes every effort to get out of bed and to do my daily chores ( I’m a housewife because I’m on disability because of my illness) Recently my husband has become depressed over his job! He’s very stressed out and he’s afraid of losing his job! His depression now has affected me ( depression has become worse and so has my anxiety!) I suggested to him to get another job and he refuses to help himself! I’m beside myself! The only thing that gets me through the day is watching your videos with my coffee and it gives me hope! So with that being said I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there when I feel so alone and helpless! You do make a difference! I love you! God bless! Kris Ann Rothermel


    • Wow, I feel you on the depression stuff. Just wanted to reply and say me too. I feel the same way about tiffany she’s awesome.


  6. I just happened to see your blog concerning some young person who apparently must be famous & has/had drug issues. What disturbed & pained me the most was you were so hurt by all the people who commented in a hateful & venomous way about her & addicts in general. These people have a totally out of control case of “Holier Than Thou” & as a non drug addict but completely faulted in so many other ways person I want to personally apologize to you for the harm & disrespect shown you & any other person struggling with drugs. I applaud your effects with recovery & recognize the tremendous struggle you go through. I have my own dirty laundry that I would prefer no one knew about I am ashamed to admit & as we’re taught in the Bible, “Let him/her without sin cast the first stone”. I’ll be putting my stone on the ground, thank you! Continue towards sobriety, Sweetie. You’re worth it!


  7. Hi Tiffany

    I love how brave you are. I have anxiety and depression disorder. I’m became addicted to Xanax. I’ve been clean 36 days. The video where you were in California and couldn’t leave your hotel room spoke directly to me. I have only been able to admit to certain people that I am addicted. Things are tough now but you give me hope I that they will get better. I am thankful for you.


  8. My name is Courtney I am 27 years young and live in a small town in Alaska. I have three beautiful children . My eldest is 6 years old and my twins are 1 1/2 years old. I was in a snow machine accident when I was 17 and suffered serious injuries to my hip and leg. I still suffer from PTSD, anxiety and depression. Being involved in this incident took away my only passion at the time, running. I decided to give up and became addicted to the pain medication that was prescribed to me and suffered from addiction until I found the love of my life when I was 20. He is the father of my children and is such an amazing support system.
    I have always enjoyed your hilarious videos and only recently stubbled upon your mental health videos. Thank you for reminding me that im not alone and that we are a humans trying to be human in this crazy world. You are such an amazing person and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making me realize that even when life is difficult, I can push though and do amazing things.


  9. I love you so much! I’m in recovery and have two children 9 years and my son is 18 months.
    I actually am writing because I am half way thru your book and I’d like to send it onto someone else! If anyone wants it I’m willing!!


  10. Tiffany I just saw you post about trying to save a love one from addiction. My whole family is bat shit crazy if they are not addicted to street drugs it’s alcohol and if it’s not that it’s sex or we are bipolar.
    My middle sister is a functionaling alcoholic. She and my baby sister live her name is ( Tiffany) in SO CA I live in Anchorage , Alaska. Not only that Tiffany take care of our dying mother.
    The cherry on this crazy sundae I’m here in Anchorage just get over total knee surgery and staying very aware of all the RX pills I am taking.
    I can’t be there for either of my sisters right now and I afraid I’m not going to loss just my mom in this mess. I afraid my aicoholic sister will crack. I want her to but I don’t want any inanest lives taken to make her hit rock bottom. I also scared that I’m not strong enough either to help out my family in SO CA and my family here in ALASKA when my mom dies.

    I want you I’ve been out of work for 13 weeks because my knee is not healing right and I’ve watch all of your videos. I love them. It makes me miss home and miss my sisters. We used to take each other clothes and share secrets. Thank you for making me laugh and cry.

    Sincerely, Dawn Fike.


  11. I’m a recovering addict like so many others. I just wanted to write you and let you know how much you make my every days more happy. I love how you speak your truth know matter the situation. I’ve always been the same way with my recovery. I will have 5 yrs this next April 2019!! I’ve never really had a bucket list per say, but if I did you are the only thing on it that I would want to make happen is to one day meet you!! I know I will get to meet you someday, hopefully soon. I’m going to make it happen whatever it takes!! I’m not the kind of a person that has to go to that concert or see that movie star or jump outta a plane . That stuff doesn’t really matter to me. Don’t get me wrong I like to get my jam on dancing around like a crazy person anywhere . Anytime I hear a song I love. Me kids have always called me crazy but I’m good with that cause that’s me doing me. When I got clean my oldest daughter said “mom your crazier now that your sober than when you were using” . That was a great compliment to me, because I don’t care what others think. I know who I am a very happy, out going,loving person that can come across as a bitch sometimes to certain people by being very honest and can be a little to blunt sometimes. I know my truth and that’s all that matters to me. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression as well. Some days are better than others, but I take full advantage of my good days. You have to take advantage of the good days to keep yourself going I believe. So once you have some tour dates closer to my state. I will be buying those VIP tickets up so fast, like flies on crap!! I would’ve gone to your Colorado show in a second, but my health has been really bad for months now. So I couldn’t make it 😢. There finally getting answers, so you better believe as soon as I fully recover and you come back around the west Utah,Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon even California. I’ll be there front and center!! Your the only person I care to ever truly meet in person !! The things you do and the way you are so real remind me of myself so much it’s insane. Keep Sharing your truth and keeping it real lady!! That’s what I love about you most of all ♥️ Thank You for all you do so very much!! It means the world to so many of us, I know it. Happy 6th Birthday btw 🎈that’s amazing and a hella lot of hard work. I hope you are the whole cake and didn’t share. Lol 😂 see you soon at one of your tours in 2019….. Thanks Again for taking the time to read this I know how insanely busy you must be. Love Jana M Utah 5 yrs in April 🎉


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