Hi friends! Welcome to the blog!

I write about motherhood, addiction, marriage — and whatever else pops into this crazy head of mine.

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My writing has been featured on:

Themighty.com – “What Being a Mother with Generalized Anxiety Disorder Can Look Like:

BLUNTmoms.com – “From Drug Addict to Mother. The Hard Journey.” & “I Had No Idea, Mom, But Thank You.”

ThoughtCatalog.com – “A Word Of Advice For The “Party Girl”, From The Girl Who Learned the Hard Way.” & “What It Means To Be The “Funny Girl”.” & “Maybe He’s Not So Bad; Maybe You’re Just Ungrateful.”

Make sure to check back Wednesdays for a new chapter in my current series “Two Faced – My Secret Life.  If you haven’t read my 120 Days In – My Time In Jail series; start HERE.

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  1. I love the mighty I read that article and did not know it was you , I watched your mom support group video lol part 1 and 2 super funny. Now that I look deeper lol I see you talk about a lot of that is interesting to me or stuff I as well been through lol you do an amazing good job
    Keep it Up


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