If you are in search of hope, inspiration or just a sense of belonging—look no further.

I’m Tiffany Jenkins and most of you know me from my silly viral videos, but there is another side to me. I have anxiety, depression, and was an active drug addict for over ten years.

I found that sharing my truth was not only therapeutic for me, but many others as well.  This is a place where people just like you and I are sharing their stories of hope after a period of adversity.

So grab some coffee, kick back, and prepare to see addiction, motherhood, marriage and mental health—like you’ve never seen it before.





  1. I feel kind of cocky posting this, but up until just a few weeks ago I hid almost everything about myself and my addiction, but now that I’ve finally shared it I feel like I want to share it with the world. I thought the article about me was just an article, people say “inspiration” but it didn’t really mean anything. It’s my life that’s it that’s all. I didn’t think I did anything special by sharing really…..but seeing the compilation of stories and sitting here crying like a baby 4+ years sober I get it. It’s a big deal. And I want the list to get bigger, and I want people to see it and feel the way I do—clean or not—and I want to be a part of it…. This article was geared towards school & graduation & such even though there’s soooo much more to be said….. that’ll have to wait until I have time to really write “this book” people are always telling me to write haha



  2. Hi my name is Deanna I’m 33 I had no idea that you were in recovery. I to am in recovery I struggle with a heroin addiction since I was 23 I also have a twin brother who just celebrated 2 years clean. Our mother has been amazing she is truly our angel, as I get older I strive to be half the mother she is to my kids. I’ve had 2 years n the past and I fell off, I got locked up looking at 10 years n jail I thought I was beat then a program was offered to me, knowing through Devine intervention I now celebrate my clean date on march 23 my favorite aunts birthdayshe passed away suddenly my first jail sentence my heart was broke, but now I have a day that truly means something to me it wasn’t only her birthday but the start of my new life, I fill my days with treatment, na meeting, family, people that make me smile that’s how I came across your videos ur just hilarious.I admire your openness to sharing and educating people about addiction, you are blessed to have found your purpose, I am excited to see what the future holds for me as for my brother he just bought a brand new f250 he inspires me as do you…thank you…your friend in recovery Deanna


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