Mission Week – Day Six



Hello my friends!

The week is almost over! Can you believe it? If you make it to the 7th day, I will need your address to send you a lil sum sum.

Okay so it’s SATURDAY! For some that means a day of relaxation, for others it means crazy chaos because – kids. However you spend your Saturdays, this one will be extra awesome.

Morning Challenge:

Please…please…take seven minutes and watch THIS before going any further…









I mean you knew this was coming, right?

You are going to live your life today.

I want you to UNINSTALL the Facebook app from your phone, and for the next 24 hours, enjoy the world around you.

Take mental note of how many times you go to click that app out of habit. It will surprise you at first. Feel free to use other apps, I just want you off Facebook.

You will realize that when you are forbidden to go on Facebook, you will have lots of free time…. DO SOMETHING AWESOME TODAY.

Since you won’t be able to post in the group, you can post your proof of today on the wall tomorrow. Tell us about how you made the best of this day. Show us a photo of something you did, tell us a story, share how different today was compared to other days. I will be doing the same, so we will have to regroup Sunday!


Night Time Challenge:

Take a shower, slip into your most comfy PJ’s, grab a blanket and pillow and bring it out to the couch. Pop some popcorn, grab some snacks, and watch a movie in it’s entirety. Leave your phone in another room. Practice being present in what is going on in front of you. The only thing your hands should be holding during the movie are kit-kats.

HEY!!!!!!!!!!! I love you.






Author: JugglingTheJenkins

Mother, wife, friend, recovering addict.....

4 thoughts on “Mission Week – Day Six

  1. Where do I send you my address? I believe you already have it from patreon but do you want me to send it to your email or something?


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