Mission Week – Day Four

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys and gals… I am so freakin’ stoked for todays mission. The thing is – at first, you probably will not be as stoked, lol.

I am though, I’m absolutely giddy, and I’ll tell you why. Today’s mission involves something that terrifies more people than not, but the benefits of bravely laughing in the face of fear and just doing it—are without parallel.

Let’s start with the morning challenge, I will make it easy… Since you have a big day ahead of you.

Morning Challenge:

*If it is not snowing where you live: grab a cup of coffee or tea, your phone and earbuds and walk outside. You can walk out front or out back – it doesn’t matter. I want you to find a beautiful and comfortable spot, and sit your butt down. In a perfect world, I envision you nestled up against a beautiful willow tree, the wind gently blowing your hair, but realistically you will probably end up in an ant pile with a stick jabbing in your ankle.

Try to find a nice place where you can chill for a moment.

*If it is snowing: Grab a coffee or tea, your phone and earbuds, and choose the most beautiful place in your home. If you don’t have a beautiful spot in your home currently—pick the least horrendous one. Pick a place you feel calm and peaceful.


Click this link,(https://youtu.be/kpxXFxSNCF8)

close your eyes and play this epic morning “meditation” from some of my favorite dudes. Once you have been reminded of your worth by the video and nature… head inside and prepare for your mission, while you still have your wits about you.


Did I mention I was excited?

The thing about fear is, it keeps us from receiving wonderful gifts that were meant for us. It places a wall between us – and a joy that seems impossible, because we never get to experience it.

Today we are taking a hammer to that wall, and we are doing something awesome.

I am changing the settings in the group for today only, and making it possible for you all to create posts. You are going to need that access, for what we are about to do.

Today, you are making a video.

No shorter than one minute, and as long as you’d like. The video is going to be of YOU.

I don’t want you to edit the video. I don’t want you to redo the video.. I want you to do one take. I want the slip ups, the weird sentences, the awkward silences—I want it all. In a world where everything is fake, posed and photo-shopped, I want to see YOU, in all of your awkwardly-human glory.

I want you to introduce yourself, and answer these two question

  • If you could change ONE thing about your character, what would it be, and why?
  • Apart from marriage and children, tell me about your biggest achievement.

There is something incredibly freeing about being vulnerable and honest in front of a group of people (trust me, I do it everyday). This mission will not only help you, but it will help others immensely as well.

I already know what the end result of this mission is going to be, but I don’t want to spoil it. Instead I will just urge you to be honest, transparent and fearless… It will be worth it, I promise.

Night Time Challenge:

*Take some time to watch some of the videos, and realize that even though it feels like it sometimes – you are never alone ❤

*Floss your teeth :p

Author: JugglingTheJenkins

Mother, wife, friend, recovering addict.....

3 thoughts on “Mission Week – Day Four

  1. Ugh! Wish I had time to do the morning challenge headed to work. Still trying to free myself emotionally from yesterday’s challenge two very long days of work have made the challenges run over into the early morning hours of the next day. I’m not giving up I can do this! Thanks again Tiffany ❤️


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