Mission Week – Day Three


Again, you all are seriously killllling these challenges. I am just scrolling through all your pictures in awe, with a smile plastered across my face and a skip in my heart. It is such an honor to watch you guys try something different.

Today’s challenge, however, is going to be a turning point for most of us. I anticipate losing a few people on this one (not in a death way, we aren’t getting that crazy) but in a “this is too painful” way.

I encourage you all to feel pushed to your limits and incredibly uncomfortable in doing this mission. I assume some of you will say you aren’t/ can’t/ won’t do it. The truth is you can, and I urge you to give it an honest effort before throwing in the towel. I’m begging, actually.


Morning Challenge:

*Make your bed. Boom, you’ve already accomplished something. Now you can go back to bed (just kidding). But for real, making your bed sets the tone for the day. Even if your room is a trash-hole (like mine), make your bed.

* Immediately grab paper and a pen, and write down the TWO things you need to accomplish today, in order to feel better tonight.

*Sit quietly for a moment, breathing in through your nose, and slowly out through your mouth making an audible but gentle “whoooooo” sound. Thank the universe, your higher power or God, for waking you up and giving you another chance to work on being the best version of you.




*For this mission, only show us the end result or aftermath. You don’t have to show any details.*

Yesterday, we relieved ourselves of the burden of holding onto, and lugging around things that no longer serve us. We are going to do the same exact thing today, only it isn’t material items being purged today. What we are getting rid of today takes up more space than anything inside our home. Today is a day for major change, major self-care, and major transformation… What we are doing today is powerful, beautiful and incredibly healing. Today, we are freeing ourselves. 


I wrote THIS ARTICLE over a year ago, and I highly suggest you take a moment to read it before going forward. 


Set aside some time today when you know you won’t be bothered. If that isn’t possible due to children—throw some lollipops at them and turn on paw-patrol.  If you are working today, wait until you get off to do it. Either way, find a way to make it happen, because it is so important.

Think of a person in your life who has hurt you. A person who’s actions (or lack of) still play out in your head causing you inner turmoil, anger, pain and sadness. A person who—despite your best efforts—is still living inside your head, stealing your joy, and robbing you of your peace.

There are times in life when we have to make a decision to forgive someone, who has never asked for forgiveness. Perhaps these people are aware of how much hurt they caused and haven’t taken the time to apologize, or maybe they have no idea how deeply they scarred you, and are walking around oblivious, not giving you a second thought.

What we are doing today is not for them, it’s for you.

I want you to write this person a letter. I want you to tell this person EVERYTHING you never had the chance to say in person. Let everything you’ve held onto all this time, out on paper. Cuss, scream, tear holes in the paper from pressing so hard—get every single thought you have onto that paper.

Tell the person that from this moment on, you are choosing to take your power back.  Let them know that you are bigger than this, and worthy of a beautiful life. Make this person aware that despite the things they did/said to you—you forgive them, and you are moving on, no longer bearing the hurt they handed you back then.

Once you have said everything you need to say, and once you’ve let them know that you will no longer grant them the power that you have been for all of these years; read the letter aloud or to a loved one. Speak it (or yell it) out into the universe. Make it real.

Once you’ve done this… It’s time to release that pain…forever.

Take the letter outside, light it on fire and let it smolder into ashes in a can. Rip it up into a thousand little pieces and throw it down the garbage disposal. Bury it in your back yard, throw it into a fireplace, stab it with a toothpick until it is no longer legible, whatever you want to do—whatever feels best to you.

As you watch it disappear, allow your shoulders to relax and remind yourself that you are now back in control. That this person no longer has power over you, and you will never give them the satisfaction of being a thought in your head ever again.

You’ve been lugging around a backpack of rocks all this time, slip it off of your shoulders, and free yourself from that weight.

You can do this. 



Night Time Challenge:

Celebrate your freedom tonight. Literally, do something to reward yourself for giving up something that has been a part of you for so long. Eat a huge piece of cheesecake, take a bubble bath with candles, put a face mask on, or lay in bed and binge-watch American Idol auditions on YouTube. Your willingness and strength deserve to be celebrated. Do it.


In case I haven’t mentioned it lately, I am SO freaking proud of you.

Author: JugglingTheJenkins

Mother, wife, friend, recovering addict.....

5 thoughts on “Mission Week – Day Three

  1. Thank you for this challenge I feel so much better after doing this! I was scared to do it at first because it’s a lot of emotions that I didn’t want to look at but after I did it its like there was a weight lifted off my chest. Even if it’s just for the moment I’ll take it. So thank you! 💜


  2. Had a horrible panic attack when I read the challenge this morning and instantly turned into s pile of mush… Was an hour late to work, was a struggle just to get there. I’m still determined to do today’s challenge, I won’t let them win!


  3. Hubs thinks I’m a whackadoodle bc I try to make the bed every day but the rest of the room looks like the zombie invasion hit on laundry day. It appears I have a problem getting back into bed after I shoo everyone out in the morning, but if the bed is made I won’t do it LOL Also, this challenge is pretty cathartic man. Forgiveness is powerful. It’s so weird bc I just posted something about forgiveness yesterday on my blog. Anyway, have a great day! You da bestest! Denise


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