Mission Week – Day Two

Let me start off by saying, that after looking over the hundreds of vision boards you all created today, my heart is truly full.  It’s exciting that you all are so on-board with this week—but even more exciting that you guys took time out of your day to do something for YOU. I am so proud of each and every one of you, and am very excited to hear of any progress on the goals coming to fruition.

Are you ready for Day Two? Let’s do it. 


Morning Challenge:

*Grab a water

*Chug it

*Watch THIS video

*Make today your b****.



I understand fully that everyone lives with different circumstances. Therefore I have created two separate missions—a main mission, and a back-up mission for those who simply CANNOT fulfill the task (physically).  I encourage you to first try mission number one, and if you cannot do it because you don’t have enough, or you do not have the physical strength – move on to mission number two.

Something that is incredibly difficult for me to do… is letting go of things. I’m uncertain where this stems from.  Part of me believes that psychologically it has something to do with the fact that growing up, my family didn’t have much materialistically. Another part of me thinks it stems from the fact that I have lost SO much in my life, that clinging to what I DO have is somewhat of a safety blanket for me.

The truth of the matter is—I don’t need half of this s***. 

My house is cluttered, and it makes my brain feel cluttered. I have so many THINGS that I haven’t touched or used in over a year so at this point, it’s main purpose is to literally…take up space.

I will be stepping WAY out of my comfort zone on this one, but I know that when I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I will feel a sense of peace. I imagine it will be a bit like taking my brain through a gentle car wash. Cleansing it so that it can be free off residue and unnecessary build-up.

Today…Today we shall purge. 

We are going to fill at least one garbage bag with things we have not used in over a year. Things we no longer need, things that are cluttering our space and mind. If you can donate your bag(s), you should. If you want to sell it—feel free (although I don’t recommend it, you are just inviting more work and stress). If you want to toss it out to the road—fine. But we are getting it out of our house and our lives for good.

I haven’t done this yet, so I have no photo. I will be doing it today alongside all of you, and will post a photo in the comment section. When you post your photo, of course I will have no proof as to whether or not you are actually getting rid of things but that’s okay. You aren’t cheating me, only yourself.

If you do not have enough belongings to purge because you are living in a half-way house, or are just starting to rebuild your life and have little to your name (been there), your mission is to get rid of three things you no longer need, or no longer serve you.

Hold an item in your hand, ask yourself if the only reason you own it is “just in case” you need it later, and if so—let it go NOW.

We got this…



Night Time Challenge:

What you chose to believe in is none of my concern. Whether it be the universe, God or a willow tree I don’t give a damn. Tonight I want you to think of someone who has made you angry recently, wronged you in some way or hurt your feelings… And I want you to spend a good thirty seconds… Praying for that person.

Author: JugglingTheJenkins

Mother, wife, friend, recovering addict.....

8 thoughts on “Mission Week – Day Two

  1. “Hold an item in your hand, ask yourself if the only reason you own it is “just in case” you need it later, and if so—let it go NOW.”

    Wow. This sentence just changed my game. It’s exactly why it’s so hard to get rid of things!! It’s going to be extremely helpful!


  2. I had a crap kind of day and beat myself up for not sticking with the challenge this morning. But after a very long Mom day I sat down to force myself to read and just do the challenge and I discovered I did one of the challenges without knowing. I donated some of my and my daughters clothing and shoes to a family in need that had literally been sitting in a bag in my kitchen for two weeks. Thank you for your story and encouragement. I am enjoying the rest of my day with a little more hope for a better tomorrow!


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