Mission Week – Day One

Good Morning, *que The Walking Dead music*

Today is a glorious day, for it is a day for change! *Pumps fist wildly*.

Are you nervous? Have you been obsessing about what we are going to do? Have the excuses for why you can’t do it already begun before I’ve even given the first task?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are ready for this week. You need this week. It’s going to be awesome, but we have a lot to accomplish in a small time, so I’m not starting off slowly. We are jumping in head-first.

There are a couple of things I need you to remember. All of the things I’m going to ask you to do are things that you CAN do. If you DON’T complete them, it is because you allowed the fear of the unknown to stop you. Not because of the challenge itself.

Every wonderful thing that has happened in my life, began with discomfort and fear. I however pushed past, and my life is literally a dream come true. One that is greater than I could have ever imagined. (Don’t get me wrong, some days it sucks, but those are the days that I refuse to see the good in things. It’s me placing my happiness in the hands of other people, places and things. Bad days are my own fault.)

Remember there will be two optional “challenges”, one for the morning, and one for the evening. The “Mission” is required, and what I will need to see proof of. Each day,  Let’s do this. 

Day One:

Morning Challenge:

Grab a pen or marker. Draw a small (or large) smiley face on the back of one of your fingers. This will serve as a reminder for something you are going to practice today. Each time a negative thought enters your mind, I want you to change the channel. Literally. I want you to imagine there is an imaginary dial on your temple, and each time a negative thought begins creeping in your brain, turn the damn dial. Turn it to a beautiful, peaceful and serene channel. A channel where you are sitting in a rocking chair, completely alone, looking out over a vast field of colorful flowers.. The breeze is gently blowing your hair and butterflies are dancing amongst the flowers. You have no obligations on this channel. Your only job while on this channel is to just… Be.

Once you’ve successfully changed the channel, you’ve taken back control of your thoughts. Once you are back in control, tell yourself an alternate way to handle the current problem. For example: If you are stressed because traffic is slow and you are going to be late; take a second, change the channel and tell yourself, “I am alive, I am blessed enough to be in traffic, as some people are laying in a hospital bed taking their last breath. Whether I stress about this situation or not, it won’t change the outcome. Instead I will assume that this is happening for a reason, and I am meant to be in this very spot, in this very traffic jam, as part of a much bigger plan that I cannot comprehend.”

“My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.” -Newt Scamander


Mission (proof required):

Our first mission is going to set the tone for the week. You are probably going to think it’s ridiculous, or a waste of time, but I can tell you first hand – it’s actually amazing.

Get a poster board, a piece of paper, or whatever you can find around the house. Markers, crayons, pens, pencils, lipstick – I don’t care.

I want you to create a vision board, and I want you to hang it in a ridiculously obvious place.

What are five DO-ABLE things you want to accomplish ASAP. Not nagging so much? Being happier? Being calm? Spending quality time with the kids? Going outside more?

Write it down – in huge letters. You can glue magazine clippings, photos or you can just draw pictures. Before you write what you want on the paper, put this in front of the sentence; “I WILL blank“.

The universe has a way of attracting to us what we think about the most. Which is why when something bad happens to us, the rest of the day often goes to shit. It’s why when someone randomly pops in your head out of nowhere, you end up seeing them somewhere (it doesn’t work with Channing Tatum, I’ve tried.)

I created a vision board a year ago and it hangs in my office above my computer. Half of what I’ve written has come true.  Think about what you want, write what you want, and BELIEVE it will happen.

I want to see your creations when you are done, and I want to see where it’s hung. If you want to take it down when the week is over, that’s fine. But for this week, I suggest you leave it up and watch the miracles happen.

Tomorrow’s challenge is going to be a bit trickier, so be prepared. 

I’m so excited to see your projects. Here’s my old one (right), and a new one I’ve created for the purpose of this challenge (left).


Night Time Challenge:

Write these questions, and answer them on a sheet of paper before bed. Actually, physically, write your answers down – even if the answer isn’t favorable. This is only day one <3:

  1. Did I help anyone other than family today? Who/How
  2. Did I tell a lie? Even a small one? What was it and why did I chose to lie instead of being honest with the person?
  3. What is one thing that I’m proud of accomplishing today?
  4. Am I holding a grudge from today? What is it? How can I alleviate the burden of this grudge tonight or tomorrow?

Use the rest of the sheet of paper to write down all the things that didn’t get done and all the things that need to be done tomorrow: (pay car insurance, clean kitchen, organizing laundry piles, etc.)

By writing these things down, you no longer have to think about them. The list will be there when you wake up, so for tonight, the only thing you have to think about is nothing. If you find your mind racing… turn the channel ❤


Recommended Sleep Meditation for tonight: 

Lay down, put your headphones in and play this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw3h_WNngYk     The first 13 seconds is weird piano music. It ends and then gets wonderful.




If you want to get in on the discussion, join the temporary Facebook group: Here





Author: JugglingTheJenkins

Mother, wife, friend, recovering addict.....

10 thoughts on “Mission Week – Day One

  1. I was going to make a board just for this challenge so today’s mission for me is already accomplished in my mind. I now just have to avoid the procrastinator and me and get it done. Thanks for this Tiff you have no idea how much it’s going to help all of us!!!!


  2. I suffer from severe depressive/anxiety disorder. This week challenge is going to be pushing me out of my box and creating the anxiety that I dread. But who says that anything in life is easy. I watch your videos and read the blogs because sometimes it is the only way I can see how to get through my day. I am so glad that I found your page. Your honestly is refreshing. I dont know you but I love you!!!!


  3. Tiffany, I wanted to send a quick email to double check that my request to join the Facebook group for this weeks challenge went through. I am looking forward (and a little nervous) to step out of my comfort zone! Thanks so much:)
    Lyndsi Leverett Distributor for Young Living Oils
    “to hang on to God, or to be thoroughly devoted to Him, secures both stability and peace.” – C.F. Keil and F. Delitzsch
    The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. – short film “butterfly circus”
    “God is in control. God has a plan. And He will use what is broken and rebuild it.” “Jessica Haberkern
    “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney


  4. I put a number of things on my board- mostly work related. “Make more sales” was on there. I just got an email response from a potential customer that my email from 2 weeks ago went to her spam folder and she wants to talk about setting up an account on Wednesday. I… if this is the power of thought it makes me wonder what my worry has manifested in my life all these years.


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