Renea’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Food addiction is a hard thing to explain. Even though you can’t go to jail for it – it can leave you feeling like you have no control. Helpless. Worthless. And in the end, it can kill you. People giggle when I tell them I am a recovering food/sugar addict. They respond with “yeah, I… Read More

A Collection of Soul-Feeding Links to Follow, BEFORE You Lose Your Mind.

Hey friends! I’ve been hiding one of my truths from you guys, and I didn’t want to voice it until I had a solution.  Thanks to a suggestion from one of my supporters, Tara, I think I’ve found it. I’ve been carrying a tremendous amount of guilt lately.  I speak openly and honestly about addiction,… Read More

Kristin’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

*Triggers – Drug Use.*   I was so good at hiding who I truly was. To the outside world I was a tall blonde, with long legs, who worked full time as a paralegal for one of the top Criminal Defense Attorneys in my area. In the evenings I went to law school to further… Read More

Jennifer’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

Trigger – Domestic & Sexual Abuse, Drug References.   So what went wrong?? After high school, I met….him. He was the “bad boy”. He was handsome, charming, said all the right things, and for some reason, he showed interest in me. The first time he hit me was because I made a joke at his… Read More

Ashley’s Story – Recovering Beautifully.

When I was one year old, my dad was a high rise window cleaner and my Mom, a school bus driver. We owned our home, paid our mortgage, visited with family and lived a fairly normal life. Until my dad did not strap himself in, and fell off of a high rise building. Fortunately he… Read More