Each week I am going to be posting an inspirational story from someone who has battled, and overcome adversity. You were all so moved by my story, so imagine what a VILLAGE of us sharing our truths can do!

Drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, hoarding, self-harm, co-dependency, abuse, violence, whatever it is you have survived, I want to hear about it and share with others who feel hopeless in similar situation.

To have your story considered, see submission guidelines below:

1) Tell me your story of overcoming adversity. I want to know: a) What was life like in during that time, what were the feelings and emotions associated with your situation. b) What event made you decide to change the situation for the better/ Why did you decide to change? c) How did you do it? Tell me about that experience. And d) what is your life like now? What amazing things have happened since?

2) Please keep it to around 2,000 words. I will be editing for grammar and punctuation, but please try your best to make the submission as neat as possible because I am not great at either of those myself.

3) Keep in mind the story will be online for anyone and everyone to read. If you do not feel comfortable putting your face and story out there, then please do not submit a story.

4) Attach a before picture (during the time of struggle), and a present day photo. (No children.)

5) Please use fake names if you are referring to others.

6) Somewhere in the email, please state: " I _______, give Tiffany permission to use my story and photos on her blog series "Recovering Beautifully", as well as her book."

7) I have no idea when and if your story will be chosen to be published, so please refrain from emailing me asking once you've submitted. I will email you if it is chosen, and then give you a heads up when it will be live on the site.

Submit your stories via email to recoveringbeautifully@yahoo.com (Stories only, any other mail sent to this email address will not be read. For all other please email jugglingthejenkins@gmail.com.



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91 replies to Story Submissions Wanted!
  1. I was addicted to pain pills and heroin. I now take methadone at a clinic but I would love to tell my story if possible?

  2. I would love to tell my life story. I overcame so much and deal with anxiety but I’m not good at wording things.

  3. Raped abused molested over and over since I was 5 ..Raised my baby brother best as I could … Mom was an addict.. after I went through all of that in Miami me facing 7 yrs in federal prison for being arrested w my step father/father of my 1st born..42 yrs w out a mom..I got her the help she needed to live drug free..my story according to Anne Rice needs to be told and its WAY TOO much to write contact me if your interested in hearing the story that makes the movie “Precious” look like a fairy tale except for the AIDS part. Let me know.

      1. Yes, exactly! No one else’s story is more ‘horrific’ than the next. We all have our ‘own’ very unique stories to tell.. I cannot wait to share mine! #love.. #hope.. #happiness.. #RECOVERY!?

  4. Absolutely love that you are doing this! We must end the stigma attached to addiction and help one another by sharing our stories to encourage those who are still struggling to keep fighting!

  5. So proud of you! You have turned out to be a strong, healthy blessed woman. I am 70 and just now successfully dealing with ongoing anxiety and depression. On pills.?
    It’s helped me to hear your struggles and wanting to sleep all day, etc.
    I now rest w/o guilt more, so thank you for all you do. You are a true warrior and blessing.

  6. My name is mexico i have struggled with drug addiction for 23 years been with for 17 she never left my side and never put me down for it ife been clean for 3 years in August turn myself and my marriage over to god we pray every night together i work a 20 and 10 schedule and have never been so happier thanks for your time love all your post

  7. Do you have to do a before and after picture? I would love to share my story but for saftey reasons cannot have my picture posted.

  8. Thank U Tiffany for the years of life after addiction blogging & sharing your experience, strength & hope. I’d love to share my story however, I’m still going through my 4th step & am 2 yrs clean after 20+ years of using & abusing. Single now after 17yrs with the father of my children who live with their dad in a different state while I attempt to gain more in life than just some clean time. One day I may slow down long enough to type a 2000 word email of my own story to be told to others on my smart phone, for now keep doing what your doing THANK U FOR YOUR HONESTY OPEN-MINDEDNESS & WILLINGNESS

  9. Hi my name is Meghan and I’m a recovering addict. I celebrate 6 years Feb 4th. I would love to share my story.

  10. Hello my name is Sarah and I am 10 years recovering addict and I would love to share hope in my story. Thank you Miss Jenkins.

  11. I definitely want to share my story not real sure if I’ll have any bad pics from when I was my worse just due to losing all our stuff on 2 different occasions within a yr. Of each other and a lot of the things I lost were my baby Books for my kids and my pictures it was awful I’m crying just writing it blah. I too am actually in a clinic as well it’s a subutex clinic but I’ve been going for 4 yrs now I’m proud of myself but not at the same time this is something I’ve wanted to ask you about as well. Well I’ll quit rambling hopefully I can work up the courage to share my story cuz it’ll be my anxiety and depression that will make me second guess writing this lol. I love you girl and love everything you are doing

  12. My life story isn’t cloaked in drugs and booze. Well I take that back both my parents were alcoholics, and my step dad abused me from 12 to 19 sexually. There is a lot more and I’m not totally out of the woods, because I’m going through a divorce and I’m scared about what will happened next. I’m a mother of two. And I’m an Indy Author. My sister Brandi showed me your videos on Facebook and since then I’ve been hooked. You are amazing. And I want you to know I appreciate what you do and what you stand for. I don’t know if this would be a place for my story as I’m not an addict, but I know about heartache and hardship. Love you and keep doing you!

    1. Tiffany,
      I just want to say thank you!!!! We need more people like you!!!! Thank you for sharing your story, and giving people who are addicts and struggling hope!!!! I absolutely love your videos!!!! They are hilarious. Lol. You have no idea how much you have impacted people’s lives! Thank you for being you! I know there have been times when I’ve had bad days and I have watched your videos via Facebook or YouTube and you always make me laugh!!! They say that laughter is the best medicine, so thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep up the good work.

      Justin Josey

  13. I love this! I love that you built your testimony and now living it!
    I am surviving the death of my 22 year old daughter. I am “anxiety/grief/pain!” The other day when you posted that you couldn’t go live my heart was broken for you but I have to tell you that I get it! Today I woke up from a night of nightmares and a morning filled with anxiety…I didn’t want to do this thing today. When I have all the things to do but they just have to wait because I have to make sure I am okay….it is really all I can do. I can tell stories of things I have overcome but truly the largest hurdle in my life has been continuing on and being boldly broken about my anxiety/depression/pain/grief. Sometimes life is just bigger than me and that is when I have to remember that it is okay to just pause.
    Thank you for being so open!!

  14. Hello,my name is chasity I will share my story,I’ve battled with traumas and mental illness since 6,started using hard drugs at 13 and I’ve been clean for 23 months,longest ever,I didn’t think it was possible,my children was taken from me in active addiction,we are now a family again, it’s a struggle but we are all healing together,my traumas cause me to hurt myself and others,when I was taught to use my body for what I wanted at a early age,I contracted the hiv virus and I had a suicidal mindset and I wanted to die,on top of that,I tried to infect everyone I had sex with because of the emotional and spiritual and mental pain,I was in..31 years of active addiction and I’ve been clean 23 freaking months at 44 years old?…recovering and working the steps,my higher power is not done with me yet

  15. My name is Emily mackey. I was struggling with addiction for 10 years. I started using marijuana at the age of 12. I always saw myself as an outcast in elementary School through highschool. I figured that if I smoked with certain people that I would fit in. I always had mental issues such as depression and anxiety. By the time I was 18 I had been to multiple hospitals, in and out of DCF custody. I was taken away from my parents at the age of 15 and went through a lot of trauma. Such as a house fire that took everything from me, to a father who was never there for me because of his career and basically being raised by my mother, who suffered from alcoholism for 18 years from when I was born till 4 years ago. I put myself around the wrong group of people and started smoking cigarettes and weed at the age of 12. I never felt loved by anyone so I did things to make myself feel welcomed in groups of people that where doing very negative illegal things. I thought I was so cool hanging out with these people. By the age of 17 I become a high school drop out 2 months before I was suppose to graduate. I ended up dating multiple men that I thought I loved but ended up treating me like I was not a human being by the age of 18 I had met a guy on a dating website who made me thought I was everything. I felt loved. Everything I every wanted. But that did not last long. After 5 months I was introduced to cocaine. I had no idea that he had been doing this stuff and as an 18 year old I was very curious and wanted to try it. And from that moment on I was hooked. I had done things for money that I would be disgusted about when I was younger. But I was not only hooked to the drugs but to the guy that I was with. After a year I was homeless on the streets and doing even worse things f my fix. I eventually got hooked on heroin after. A year an a half because he could not find anyone to get what my first choice was. My self esteem was so low I had no self respect or any empathy/sympathy for my REAL friends or people In my family. I ended up getting pregnant whole I was a heroin addict living on the streets with then same man who had introduced me to this lifestyle. I had been 4 months pregnant when the man I was with got abusive and shoved me on the ground and beet me. I ended up having a miscarriage at 4 and half months pregnant because of this. After I had left the hospital I decided that now was the time to get my life to get together. My parents always wanted to help me but I was to stubborn to ask for it. But at this point I was desperate. My parents ended up helping me get clean at the age of 21. I ended up going to a detox for 1 week and immediately went to a partial program that was in the same facility. I spent a total of 4 weeks there and after I went to a sober house where I learned to cope with my triggers my feelings and my hard times. I spent 8 months there. And after I met the most supportive man I have every met. I am now 1 year and 4 months clean. I also have three amazing step children and an amazing husband. And I could not be happier. I love your channel and j watch it daily. I look up to and what you have also overcome. There is a lot more to my story but it is to much to Type. My dream is to message you and to get a response. At the moment I am trying to get a job as a addiction counselor and so far it is looking good. Thank you for all the positivity you put out for people like me to see and know that I’m not alone.

  16. I think what you are doing shows so much courage and strength! Sharing painful times of your life to encourage and help others is amazing! How proud you should be of yourself. And to truly want to hear others painful journeys and share them to give others hope and courage also is beyond incredible! Thank you for the raw, honest, and courageous content that you provide even while you continue to go through all the battles anxiety curses you with!

  17. Tiffany, I just watched your live from the other day when you were in the hotel room. Where you were saying you need to be kinder to yourself and all about the bad things you say to yourself. Have you ever considered hypnosis? Yea I know it sounds crazy but I tried it because a friend used it to quit smoking and I remembered how hard that was for me so I figured there’s gotta be something to it. So I went because I wanted to be a more fun mom and wife and in the process of explaining how horrible I feel when I yell at my kids, it came up about some past trauma with a step mom and I really didn’t realize how much this woman still affected my life well long story short in one session this woman no longer has any power over how I feel about myself, it was a 37 year struggle and knowing I would have to see her and be around her always put me in an anxious frenzy followed by a complete tailspin of emotion. I swear by hypnotherapy it was awesome and I always feel amazing after I leave. I stopped eating pasta like I can’t even eat my favorite kind anymore because eew I just spit it out. And I now love veggie plates and most importantly I love myself and for me that’s HUGE. I just really want you to look into it, maybe it can help you resolve all of your negative feelings about you and help you to love yourself like so many others do. I just wanted to share and couldn’t find a way to just email you directly. ?

  18. Not knocking anything that keeps u out of madness b ut t for me methadone just was another rollercoaster I jumped off it works if u work it I have a friend been on it 15 years.so have a plan
    Work it

  19. Reading “High Achiever” now. Half way through. It’s literally made me sad and laugh out loud several times. I love it. ❤️

  20. Tiffany I emailed you a little bit about my and to ask for your help with my ministry, which appears to be very closely aligned with your work. I didn’t think of a profile on myself but that would be helpful to both of us I think.

  21. I am 80 years old. 49 years of sobriety from alcoholism. That doesn’t mean 49 years of sobriety from many of life’s other addictions. I stuttered ever since I remember (except when under the influence hmmm.). Since the pandemic I have started a blog of my encounters with God, in, of all places, my garage. I am glad I found your blog. I will be following your continuing adventures in life. If you want to see my blog, I will gladly give the name of the site to you. I’m purposely not publishing it here as that might sound a little self promoting (my false modesty continues to follow me) Cheers. Thanks for what you do..

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