Hey Friend! There’s good news and there’s bad news. Which do you want first? I’ll give you the bad news, because by now you already kinda know… This blog series is no longer available on this website. I’m sorry! I have always dreamed of writing and publishing a book, ever since my Dad bought me a typewriter on my 6th birthday. The good news is, It’s finally happening! My book is in review on the Amazon Kindle website, and within the next few days will be available for pre-order! I know you are probably still mad at me, but I hope that you understand that this a huge goal, that I am actually about to freakin’ accomplish, and I want you to be excited with meeee! I will post a link to the book here as soon as it becomes available, as well as share it on my facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/jugglingthejenkinsblog Thank you for being interested in my stuff, it really means more than you know. And thank you for being a part of my journey. You may not realize it, but it’s people like you that inspire me to get my lazy ass out of bed each day and create content. Me love you long time… Tiffany Jenkins


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26 replies to Two Faced – My Secret Life. Chapter #21
  1. Tiffany, you’re writing is phenomenal! As much as I’ve become invested in your well being and like you through these two series, I hate you in this installment LOL it’s tough to pull off that hard switch so good job!

    Also I don’t really hate you ?

    1. Your blog is addicting, omg! I have been reading nonstop since yesterday and I just finished. But I have to ask, did you ever talk to chuck again? I secretly hoped you ended up with him and all was well. Also, you rock, seriously. Congratulations on all you have overcome!

    2. I have read the entire blog in 2 days, your writing is phenomenal. You should write a book for sure, I can’t wait to till the next chapter!

  2. Every chapter leaves me intrigued and inspired. Right on lady! Keep sharing your talent because you’re reaching people. Not just the addicted, the moms that aren’t cookie cutter, people looking for change, and those that just need a bit of humor to ease the stresses of life.

  3. Wow that’s all I can say! You always keep me in suspense! I am so sorry you had to go through what you have been through to get you clean.. very happy that’s all behind you, and life goes on ?

  4. Seriously, just keep going! It’s not like you have a family or anything to worry about! It’s us you need to take care of! I can’t wait another week!

  5. Just started following you last week. When I started reading the words you had written, I was sucked right in. When my reading came to an end. …I was and have been on the edge of my seat! You are an awesome person. Very down to earth and real. Not a quality many people hold. Don’t ever lose that. You are a gem Tiffany.

  6. I binged read your blog last week after coming across it. I am a 57 year old grandmother. You are an amazing story teller and writer!! You really should write a book young lady! On a personal note I lost my 32 year old son to drugs in 2011. He was a master manipulater also. I fell hook, line and sinker for awhile, but when I realized what was going on it was too late. He refused to get help. I want to say even though I do not know you, I AM PROUD OF YOU for turning your life around!!! Please keep writing! ?

  7. I was an addict myself for 6 years, feels like 15 sometimes though.I am 3 years clean now! I just started reading your blog friday night and am already finished. Will be checking everyday for your newest post!!

  8. I read your whole blog In two days. I need more. This had to be hard for you to do, love your blog. Took alot of courage to write about your life im sure.

  9. You’re such an amazing writer! I binge read both series, last night I was up until 3 am. My younger brother recently completed his 3rd or 4th…or maybe 5th? Stint in rehab. You’re stories give me hope that he can get healthy. Keep doing what you’re doing, I love it!

  10. Girl, this can’t be all for now! I started reading it Friday and literally COULD NOT put it down all weekend. I have related, laughed, cried, and understood every feeling of every second that you put into this blog. Thank you! As someone is recovery (6 years this year! Whoop!), you are a blessing! Keep on keeping on, lovely lady!

  11. I am a recovering addict and came across your Facebook page and then your blog! You are such an amazing writer and I love how raw and honest you are being. I am a recovering addict 3 years sober and have a little girl and am married now and he’s sober 4 and a half years! I feel like on some things we relate so much. everything is so true and it has me thinking so much about me and my life!! I appriciate you so much!! Thank you for this blog! I can’t wait to buy your book! Oh and it took me 3 days to read EVERYTHING! I was hooked girl! You rock!

  12. I just binged your two blogs in 3 hours! I would say that so much that has happened to you couldn’t be real, BUT my nickname being Schlepprock (from the Flintstones), I know that crazy stuff really does and can happen to one person. Love your writing and your truth. Keep it up!!!

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